Shortwave Internet Radio Player 2.0 is released, the UI is rewritten to GTK4, the new mini player mode

shortwave The Internet radio player has reached version 2.0, a new mini player mode has been added, a redesigned radio station information dialog box, etc. Moreover, the user interface has been ported to GTK4.

Shortwave is a GTK Internet radio player written in Rust. It is the successor of Gradio. It uses as its radio station database, which has more than 25,000 radio stations, but this also means that if you want to add a radio station that does not already exist in the database, you need to add it to the radio station., there is no option to add it directly to Shortware.

The functions of the radio player include easy discovery of new radio stations, adding favorite radio stations to the library, automatic recording of songs (automatic detection based on streaming metadata), adaptive layout, playing audio on Chromecast devices, MPRISv2 support and more .

In the latest Shortwave 2.0, the user interface has been ported from GTK3 to GTK4, and in the process, various elements have been improved or recreated from scratch-most importantly, the radio station information dialog has been completely revised:

Shortwave station information dialog

In addition, the station information dialog now displays the stream URL and allows copying it to the clipboard.Now you can use Esc key.

Another important change in Shortwave 2.0 is the addition of a new mini player mode:

Shortwave mini player

To use this feature, please shrink the “Shortwave” window until it becomes a mini player, or click from the radio options Enable mini player.

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Other changes in Shortwave 2.0 include:

  • Get notifications about new songs through desktop notifications
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Disable sleep/hibernation mode during audio playback
  • Many application components have been modernized or completely rewritten, which should lead to various crashes and bug fixes

Download Shortwave

The easiest way to install Shortwave on Linux is to use Flathub. Set up Flatpak and Flathub If you haven’t, please visit Shortwave Flathub page And click the install button, or use the following command to install:

flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.Shortwave

On Arch Linux or Manjaro, you can also install Shortwave Internet radio player from the following locations AUR.

You can also choose to build Shortwave from source code- Please refer to this page for details.

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