Shortwave: Modern Open Source Internet Radio Player for Linux

Introduction: Shortwave is a modern-looking open source Internet radio player for Linux desktops. After its recent stable release, let’s take a quick look at it.

Shortwave: Open Source Radio Player with Internet Radio

shortwave Is an interesting open source radio player that provides a beautiful user interface and a great experience listening to internet stations. It uses Community Supported Database Listed Internet stations.

Shortwave is actually the successor to the popular Linux radio application Gradio. Its developer Felix joined GNOME and terminated the creation of Gradio, creating Shortwave from scratch. RossProgramming language. If you are using Gradio As your preferred Internet radio station player, you can also import this library.

Recently, Shortwave released its first stable version, and it seems to be pushing for new updates as well.

Characteristics of short wave

Shortwave Radio Application Program Interface

It is a very simple and useful Internet radio station player for Linux. However, to filter out the features it provides, see the list of features below:

  • List of radio stations powered by the community
  • Support import from Gradio
  • With many Internet radio stations from around the world
  • Supports streaming / broadcasting of radio stations to supported devices (Chromecast support)
  • Identify songs playing on radio stations
  • Provides dark mode switching options (even though it didn’t work at the time of this writing, it should be easy to fix in a future update)

Install Shortwave on Linux

Shortwave Radio player for Linux

Available in GNOME GitLab page. It is already available in the AUR for Arch users.

For other distributions, you can get the Flatpak package. If you haven’t set up Flatpak on your system yet, just follow our Flatpak guide.

After ensuring that Flatpak support is installed on your system, you must enter the following command to install shortwave on Linux via terminal:

flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.Shortwave

You can also choose to install the beta / nightly version by following the instructions in the installation instructions Official GitLab page.

Download Shortwave

wrap up

The user interface and user experience are good. Even though I encountered glitches when selecting (or clicking) the listed channels, everything else was attractive.

FYI, I’m in Pop! _OS 19.10 tried it and it works great. You can also easily try the Flatpak package on other Linux distributions.

Let me know what you think of Shockwave and where to try it.

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