Shutter Screenshot Tool has finally been ported to GTK3

With the release of version 0.96, the feature-rich screenshot application will eventually be ported to GTK3, creating the first step back to the Ubuntu Universe repository.

Shutter 0.96 no longer relies on goocanvas, Gnome wnck, GTK2 versions of image viewer widgets, and its own appindicator module. Instead, I needed the GTK3 version of the image viewer widget, GooCanvas2, and libwnck-3.

In this release, the “Capture only part of the window” option has also been removed. Anyway, modern Qt and Gtk didn’t work the way windows were drawn.

The following problems are also possible.

  • Multiple screens may or may not be broken
  • HiDPI screen can display screenshots of nested menus in the wrong place

Get Shutter 0.96:

At the time of writing, there are no binary packages that can be installed, but only the source tarball available at the link below.

Github shutter

If you are an Ubuntu and Linux Mint user who likes this screenshot tool, be careful. linuxupring PPA And xtradeb PPA , Both keep the latest shutter package.

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