Simplenote 2.0, a note-taking application, is released, supports internal links, and more

of Simple notes The Electron desktop application received a major update yesterday. The new 2.0.0 version includes “rewrite some key parts of the application, and replace the editor component and increase the support for internal links.”

Simplenote is a note-taking application with optional Markdown support. There are applications for desktops (Linux, Windows and macOS), iOS and Android, as well as web clients. The Simplenote application is free and open source software, but the server is not (although using it to synchronize notes does not cost anything).

Simplenote was originally created by Simperium in 2008 and has been developed by Automattic (the company behind, Akismet, etc.) since 2013.

Simplenote features include annotation version history, instant search and search by tag, public annotation links, optional Makrdown support, different annotation views, light and dark themes, and the ability to export annotations.

For the latest Simplenote 2.0.0, the application data flow has been rewritten to eliminate competition and some long-standing synchronization errors.

Simplenote 2.0.0 also has some new features, such as server connection indicators in the sidebar and support for internal/inter-note links.

To add a link to an existing note, click the note you want to link in the sidebar, and then click the information (i) button in the upper right corner of the Simplenote window. At the bottom of the info window, you will see the internal link of the note you can copy, and then paste it into another note to link to it:

Simplenote internal link

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Another change is the new search interface, which captures what the browser finds ( Ctrl/Cmd + F ) And display a search user interface, which allows the user to browse the results through the left/right arrows displayed in the lower right corner of the window:

Simplenote search

Can also use Ctrl/Cmd + G with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + G Browse the search results.

More changes in Simplenote 2.0.0:

  • Added support for importing .md files
  • Last sync time in note details
  • Long tone effect is better
  • Custom context menu
  • Make keyboard shortcuts understand the keyboard layout
  • Notification when server-side comments change
  • Fix: Allow RTL format in Markdown mode

Download Simplenote

Simplenote is available for Windows, macOS, Linux (DEB, RPM, AppImage and as precompiled archives), iOS and Android. To use it, you need to create an account (or use an existing account).


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