Simplenote note-taking application adds focus mode, spell checker, and exit analysis options

of Simple notes The desktop application has recently updated the focus mode, spell checker, new options for exiting analysis, etc.
Simplenote is a note-taking application with optional Markdown support. There are applications for desktops (Linux, Windows and macOS), iOS and Android, and a web client. The Simplenote application is free and open source software, but the server is not (although it does not cost to use it to synchronize notes).

Simplenote was originally created by Simperium in 2008 and has been developed by Automattic, the company behind, Akismet and other companies since 2013. Simplenote’s features include:

  • Note version history: restore old versions of notes
  • Quickly find notes using built-in instant search and tags
  • Collaborate with other users or create public links for notes
  • Optional Markdown support
  • Customize note view: modify note display (comfortable, compressed or expanded), change line length, zoom, etc.
  • Light and dark themes
  • Support exporting notes
  • Cross-platform application
  • Free to use and open source applications

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The latest Simplenote desktop application for macOS, Linux and Windows includes a new “focus mode” feature, which will make it easier to get an undisturbed writing experience.Simplenote focus mode

The “Focus Mode” option can be found in the “View” menu (or you can simply click the “Toggle Sidebar” button), and when enabled, it will hide the sidebar, thus extending the annotation editor to the entire window width.
For better readability in the new focus mode, a new “line length” option (in View Menu), which allows you to set the line length to narrow or full. The screenshot above sets the “Line Length” option to “Narrow”, which is the default setting. This is set to the full line length:President Simplenote is fullThe Windows and Linux Electron applications have received more changes, such as the spell checker is enabled by default, but can be changed from Edit menu. In addition, users can now opt out of analysis sharing-for this, go to File -> Preferences And disable Share analyticsIn addition, in the 1.2.0 release, there are Simplenote RPM and AppImage binary files, including 32bit and 32bit DEB (previously only 64bit DEB and general binary files). Other changes in the latest Simplenote for Windows and Linux:

  • The exported note file is now dated to reflect the last modified date of the note
  • Now when you add or delete tags, the modification date will update
  • “Font size” is now called “Zoom” and is available in the “View” menu

Download Simplenote

DEB and TAR binaries are available for download on their website, but the application GitHub Repository page It also has the latest version of RPM and AppImage binaries (and source code). There is a SimplenoteNap bag Also available.
To use Simplenote, you can use a account or create a Simplenote account (you need to enter your email address, but you do n’t need to confirm).