SimpleScreenRecorder is updated to automatic desktop recording based on schedule and supports High-DPI

SimpleScreenRecorder It is a Qt application for Linux that can directly record desktop (only Xorg) and OpenGL applications. It released a major new version (0.4.0) about 3 weeks ago, but since I have been waiting for its update log (not updated until today), until today, I forgot about it, and there was an error at the time Repair program 0.4.1. The latest version of ScreenRecorder 0.4.0 / 0.4.1 brings support for high DPI monitors, recording schedule, command line control for stdin, and other improvements.
But first let me tell you some information about SimpleScreenRecorder. The application uses libav/ffmpeg for encoding, it can directly record (with optional sound) OpenGL application, the entire screen, the rectangle you draw on the screen or the window with properly synchronized audio and video, which is similar to others FAQ tool for problems. You can pause and resume the video at any time by clicking or using keyboard shortcuts. It also supports Live broadcast, Although this feature is experimental.
Other SSR functions:

  • Good default
  • Fully multi-threaded, so its various components will not block other components, thus achieving smooth video recording
  • Show preview during recording
  • If your computer is too slow, reduce the video frame rate
  • Show preview during recording
  • Show statistics during recording, such as file size, bit rate, recording time, etc.
  • Tooltips for everything so you can fully understand everything

The new SimpleScreenRecorder 0.4.0/0.4.1 brings high DPI monitor support. I don’t have such a monitor, so I can’t tell you how it performs in a high-DPI monitor. You must try it and see for yourself.
The latest SimpleScreenRecorder also includes an important new feature: recording schedule. Using this recording schedule, you can set the application to start and pause recording on a given date and time, so it can capture the screen without the user’s input later. For example, recording some TV shows (in combination with a TV tuner) is very good.SimpleScreenRecorder recording schedule

The recording schedule can be found on the last screen (you can start recording from here). To use it, click Edit scheduleAnd then Add Add some dates/times to start or pause recording. Choose Start Either Pause You have set each date/time operation. Now all you need to do is click Activate schedule.
Another change is the addition of command line control to stdin, which includes the following possible commands: record-start, record-pause, record-cancel, record-save, schedule-activate, schedule-deactivate, window-show, window-hide with quit. This is useful for use in scripts. See this For more information and how to use it in an already running instance.
More changes in SimpleScreenRecorder 0.4.0 / 0.4.1:

  • Maximum video size increased to 20000×20000
  • Add option to skip the welcome screen
  • Add more command line options (supported options include not showing the system tray and starting to hide, etc.):
    • --settingsfile=FILE: Load and save the program settings to FILE. If omitted, ~/.ssr/settings.conf Used to
    • --start-recording: Start recording immediately
    • --activate-schedule: Activate the recording schedule immediately
    • --syncdiagram:Display synchronization diagram (for debugging)
    • --benchmark: Run internal benchmarks
  • Added warning for Wayland users-SimpleScreenRecorders continue to not support Wayland screen recording
  • Many bug fixes

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Download SimpleScreenRecorder

In the SimpleScreenRecorder download section linked above, you can find the installation instructions from the repository of the Linux distribution (for example, for Arch Linux, it has been updated to 0.4.1, but some Linux distributions still have the old 0.3.11 version , Such as Debian). And Ubuntu), or information from a third party, such as PPA for Ubuntu/Linux Mint, has been updated today with SimpleScreenRecorder 0.4.1 (the previous version was 0.3.11).
It’s worth noting that you will not be able to install 32-bit simplescreenrecorder-lib On Ubuntu 20.04, because PPA only builds 64-bit packages. This is useful for recording 32-bit OpenGL applications on a 64-bit system.