So fill up Excel Cells automatically with Flash Fill and Auto Fill

Many of the tasks that you will be doing in Microsoft Excel are boring. Happily, Excel has several features that make this type of spreadsheet tolerable. We’re going to look at two of these: Flash Fill and Auto Fill.

How to use Flash Fill in Excel

Flash Fill can automatically detect patterns in data and help you fill cells quickly.

To the exampleIf we start with a list of full names (first and last names) but then decide we should have broken them up into separate columns, Flash Fill can do much of the work for you.

First, let’s say we have a list of names. Enter only the first name from the first cell in the column in which the first names should appear.

At the top of the ribbon, click the Data tab. Excel Window.

Data tab

Then click the “Flash Fill” button in the “Data Tools” section.

Lightning fill

As you can see, Excel recognized the pattern, and Flash Fill filled the rest of our cells in that column with just the first name.

filled first names

From here, now this Excel If you know our pattern, it should preview you as you type. Try the following: In the next cell where you entered the first name, enter the appropriate last name.

Add last name

If we click on “Enter”On the keyboard that moves us into the cell below, Excel now shows all last names in their correct places.

automatic filling

Click “Enter“To accept, and Flash Fill will automatically complete the remaining cells in that column.

Fill in the last name automatically

How to use autofill Excel

Auto Fill works similarly to Flash Fill, but is better for tasks with many cells. It’s also better for cells that have an even more obvious pattern, such as: B. Pay, for example. To see how it works, let’s put in a few numbers.

Select cells

Click and drag to select both cells.

Select cells

Find the square in the lower right of the cell and drag it down. You can pull it as far as you want.

Find the box at the bottom right

Excel recognized the pattern and filled in all cells below.

But that doesn’t just work for numbers. Auto Fill is great for all types of patterns, such as days and months example. Let’s put a few in to get started.

Add months

Just like the previous one exampleif we click on the box at the bottom right and drag it down, Excel fills all cells below with the Auto Fill function.

more months

Using Flash Fill and Auto Fill are two easy ways to automate your work Excelas long as it’s an obvious pattern.

Even though Excel Sometimes surprises us with its ability to spot more complex patterns that you cannot rely on. Stick to simple things for the best, most consistent results.

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