Some Apple Services like iMessage, App Store and iCloud Are Currently Down [Update: Resolved]

Some services like the App Store and the Mac App Store are currently facing an outage, according to the Apple’s System Status page. Some services like iMessage, iCloud Mail, and iCloud Drive are also experiencing some issues.

Apple marks that the services might not be available to some users, or might be slow to work. The problem was first reported at 10:05 a.m. Pacific Time. Some users have reported some issues with the services like Find My, Game Center, iCloud Account & Sign In also.

The outage seems to have affected only a few people right now. Since Apple has already acknowledged the issue, it is likely already working on fixing it. I was able to test the services myself, and the App Store and iMessage seem to be working for me, though iCloud Drive did give a prompt saying ‘Failed to upload’ two times.

This is the second time in two months that Apple services have faced an outage. Last month, Apple Music experienced a wide outage. Some users on Twitter have shared their issues with the App Store.

Literally unplayable on iOS

— Jack ?️‍? (@ThatHollowGuy) March 29, 2021

Currently, Apple has not provided any update on when the services are expected to be resolved, but going by the company’s past record, the outage should be resolved within a few minutes to hours from now. We’ll update this post as and when the services are live.

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Update: Apple has now reported that all the services are back online, and should work normally for everyone.

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