Spelunky Classic Platform and Rogue-like Games – How to install Spelunky on Ubuntu

Spelunky is a roguelike classic platformer game for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is a cave exploration and treasure hunt game. In this game you have to collect as many treasures as possible from the cave and use wit, reflexes and other survival items to survive monsters and traps. This is a really fun and addictive game. The paid version is also available on steam, gog, xbox, and playstaion.

Install Spelunky on Ubuntu

Spelunky Classic is available as a snap package from snapcraft and is maintained by the Snapcrafters community. It can be easily installed from the command line application of the terminal. Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run the Spelunky snap package install command. If required, enter the Ubuntu user password.

sudo snap install spelunky

After installing the game, run this command to launch it.


Play now and enjoy.

Spelunky Classic website

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