Stock market display is a terminal stock observer and position tracker (with cryptocurrency support)

Stock code It is a terminal stock ticker with real-time updates and position tracking, available for Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows. In addition to quotations, Ticker also supports any of the following cryptocurrencies: usable Via Yahoo Finance / CoinMarketCap.

The tool has the function of real-time stock price quotation, and can track the value of stock positions by supporting before and after market price quotations and multiple cost-based lots.

You can configure stock quotes using command line flags or by editing its configuration file (~/.ticker.yaml). There are the following options:

  • Display the currency, exchange name and quotation delay for each quotation
  • Show opening price, previous closing price and date range
  • Show total daily change, total value and total value change
  • Show total daily change, total value and total value change
  • Display collection, including weight, average cost and quantity
  • Allow to set refresh interval
  • To sort the quotes on the user interface:
    • Default: change the percentage when the market is closed at the end of the year
    • alpha: sort alphabetically by symbol
    • Value: Sort by position value
    • User: Sort according to the order defined in the configuration, the position is at the top and then many
  • Set up optional proxy support for requests
  • Show a separator between each quotation mark

You can also define a currency to convert it from the currency of the exchange to the local currency, and set a custom terminal color scheme for the code line. These two options can only be set in the stock symbol configuration file.You can find sample configuration files Here (The tool does not automatically create this file, so you need to create it).

The information displayed by the stock quotation depends on the width of the terminal. Therefore, if multiple display options are enabled, but you cannot see information when running Ticker, you may need to increase the width of the terminal. This is not the case with the terminal height-if you have a large number of quotes that exceed the terminal height, you can use the up and down keyboard arrow keys to scroll vertically.

It is worth noting that the quotation data is extracted from Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Finance may provide delayed stock quotations for exchanges outside the United States (New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ).

The application has only been used for two months, but it has reached version 4.0.6, has received many improvements since its first release, and is still under continuous development.

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Download stock quotes

Please refer to the official Ticker installation instructions linked above to install this tool on Linux (using pre-compiled binaries) or macOS (using Homerew or MacPorts).You can also use Docker or Break off package.Or go to Stock market release page Download the source code or binary files for Microsoft Windows, Linux (DEB and RPM packages available) and macOS. Arch Linux/Manjaro users can install from the following locations AUR.

Configure stock ticker by creating ~/.ticker.yaml use This Take configuration as an example.Please note that the document mentions that you can create a stock symbol configuration file in the following location ~/.configBut it doesn’t work for me.


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