SysTray-X is Thunderbird 68+ tray icon, with unread email counter, and close/minimize to tray

SysTray-X It is the Qt5 system taskbar icon of Thunderbird email client version 68 and higher. It displays the number of unread emails and can minimize/close Thunderbird to the taskbar. It is suitable for Linux and Microsoft Windows.

The tool consists of two parts: Thunderbird extensions and supporting system applications. It uses WebExtension API to control system tray applications that depend on external systems.

You can adjust the appearance of the Thunderbird system tray icon provided by SysTray-X, such as using a custom mail notification icon, setting the color and size of the new mail count font, and so on.

You can also choose the behavior when you minimize or close Thunderbird. With SysTray-X settings, you can set the Thunderbird window to hide or use the default behavior when minimized, and minimize it when you close the Thunderbird window. There is also an option to minimize Thunderbird, and depending on how you set the minimize option, this may mean minimizing the window in the taskbar, or minimizing (hiding) it to the tray.

All preferences of the tray icon can be selected by clicking the icon Preferences , Account-related options are not available here. To select the email account to get the new email notification counter, go to Thunderbird Add-ons Manager , Click ... SysTray-X add-on icon on the right side, then select Preferences .Here you will find all the system tray icon options, as well as an additional Mail Tab, from which you can select the account you want to use:

Systray-x Thunderbird Mail Options

What I want to mention is that in my test, after setting SysTray-X to minimize/close to the tray, the Thunderbird icon will continue to be displayed in the Plank Dock ( error report ). However, it can be used normally on the Ubuntu Dock (when closed/minimized to the taskbar, the Thunderbird icon is no longer displayed on the Ubuntu Dock).

It’s also worth noting that if you use Gnome Shell, you need AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem support The extension has been installed, otherwise you will not see the taskbar icon. If you are using Ubuntu, you do not need to install it because it is installed by default.

Compared with Birdtray, another Thunderbird tray icon with Linux and Windows email notifications, SysTray-X is easier to use-just install, start Thunderbird, and the tray icon will be displayed on the panel. You do not need to start other applications or make any configuration.

On the other hand, Birdtray has more functions, including playing a sound when receiving a new email, making the tray icon flash on the new email, and pausing new email notifications within a predetermined time. You decide which is best for you.

Download SysTray-X

SysTray-X developer has set warehouse Suitable for openSUSE, Ubuntu and its derivatives (Pop!_OS, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, etc.), Debian and Fedora.

You can also download DEB or RPM binary files from the project GitHub release page . You can also find universal installation scripts and Microsoft Windows binaries.Or you can Build it From the source.


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