Szyszka – New fast batch file rename for Linux, Windows and Mac

Szyszka is a new batch file renaming tool written in the Rust programming language using the GTK +3 toolkit. It also works on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

The name Szyszka is a Polish word meaning pine cone. The user interface of this tool is very simple,[エントリの追加]Click, hold down the Shift key, or hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the desired file. Adding folders is not supported in the first 1.0 release, but is marked as a planned feature.

Then you can add multiple rules that you can freely combine.

  • Replace text
  • Crop text
  • Add text
  • Add numbers
  • Delete text
  • Change characters to large / small
  • Use custom rules

Below are examples before and after the change, adding rules. This is very useful for beginners.

How to get Szyszka on Ubuntu:

This tool is available as a Snap package in Ubuntu software. Before installing, you can try the .Appimage package, which you can download from the release page.

Download Szyszka (Appimage)

Once you get it, right click on the file[プロパティ]Go to the dialog. next,[アクセス許可]Of tabs[ファイルをプログラムとして実行することを許可する]Turn on.Finally right click on the App image[実行]Choose.

As a new project, there may be bugs.Please report the problem at Github page..

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