Tag is a powerful Gtk3 markdown editor

Marker GTK3 is free and open source discount promotion The editor considers the Gnome desktop. Although the application is still in the early stages of development, it already contains most of the features required in the Markdown editor.

The application attempts to use a powerful custom interface to meet most needs while providing a powerful document editing experience.
In addition to basic Markdown functions, Marker also includes:

  • Real-time HTML preview
  • Use SciDown to convert HTML and LaTeX to Markdown documents
  • TeX mathematical rendering using KaTeX and MathJax
  • Support mermaid flow chart, sequence chart and Gantt chart
  • Support Charter scatter chart, bar chart and line chart
  • Use Highlight.js to highlight the syntax of the code block
  • An integrated sketch editor window can be used to add freehand drawings and signatures to documents
  • Custom CSS theme
  • Custom grammatical theme
  • Export to HTML, PDF, RTF, ODT, DOCX and LaTeX
Mark the markdown editor sketch
Markers and their integrated sketch editor

The Marker user interface is very simple and does not provide any Markdown formatting tools-for this, you must use keyboard shortcuts or type the code directly in the editor.
By default, Marker uses dual pane mode, setting the Markdown editor and real-time preview mode side by side, while also allowing users to change it to code editor only, preview only, or dual window mode.
I think that the user interface is Marker’s weakest link. Not because it is too simple, I actually like that part. But because it lacks some of the features that I personally (and therefore, I may only be a few here) enjoy in the Markdown editor. For example, when scrolling, Marker does not scroll code and live preview at the same time in dual-pane mode, so to use the same part of the document in both views, you must manually scroll both panes. There is also no focus mode, which is a feature I like and use very much. Seamless real-time preview (where Markdown editor and HTML preview are integrated in a single view, similar to Mark Text) is also great.
However, it is understandable not to have all these features because the application is relatively new and the first version was released in September 2017. There are also warnings on the app GitHub It is mentioned that the tool is still in the early development stage, and there may be errors and unfinished functions.
The application does have a dark theme, and I am very grateful for this.
In the “Marker” preferences, users can choose to display line numbers, automatically wrap, display spaces, or enable spell checking (by default, it is disabled). Auto tab indentation, insert spaces instead of tabs, tab width can also be changed from here.
You can also change the editor syntax highlighting theme, code block theme or preview CSS theme, enable advanced features like mermaid or charter, and switch between KaTeX or MathJax for mathematical rendering. Marker did it earlier this week With the update, the following improvements have been made:

  • Added the ability to export documents from the command line
  • Added shortcuts similar to vim in the previewer (h, j, k, l, g, G)
  • Added the ability to open markers in any view mode from the command line

View the tag command line options when installing the application from: FlatHub (Flatpak), use:

                        flatpak run com.github.fabiocolacio.marker --help

Download tag

The source code of the Marker Markdown editor can be found at GitHub .


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