Ten major control apps for iPhone 2020

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The iPhone’s parental controls are not enough to monitor children’s activities. You can’t do much other than limit their phone usage. Therefore, you need a solution that can well meet all phone tracking purposes without complicating the process.

Today, you will browse the top ten parental control apps for iPhone, which can help you track the location of your child’s device anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can use the same app to view its messages, call logs and more. click here Read in-depth reviews of these apps.

So let us skip everything else and provide you with a complete list of applications.


Minspey It is one of the most effective telephone monitoring solutions you will encounter. It has advanced features and can work without any jailbreak operation on your child’s iPhone. You don’t even need any help to use this application, because its installation guide will cover all the steps to use the application.

The app provides multiple functions to check its social media accounts, galleries, location, and call history to ensure it is not affected by the network environment. Millions of parents use it to monitor their children’s activities. This is why it is also well received by Forbes.


Spyier is a phone monitoring application that works similarly to the application we discussed above. It provides some innovative features at a very affordable price. You can monitor your child’s activities directly from your Android device without spending hundreds of dollars. It does not require you to install any application on any device.

Log in to the Spyier online account via any web browser and start monitoring your child’s iPhone. In addition, the setup process is easy and also suitable for non-technical personnel. It is equipped with a message reader, which can capture all the text in the device and arrange it with the contacts.


Spyine is another great option to start the phone monitoring experience. The app is favored by millions of active parents to ensure the safety of children. It also provides a free demo to help you understand how it works and what features can be accessed on your child’s device.

The website layout is simple, allowing you to easily use various functions. Like Minspy, you don’t need to jailbreak any device to start using this application. In just three simple steps, you can track your child’s iPhone at any time.


This is the most promising application for monitoring children’s activities. Spyic has personalized settings for the parental control function, specifically for parents. You can set up this parental control app and track the device remotely. The best thing is that your kids will never know that you are tracking their device for data. Therefore, you can access iPhone without restrictions without any security issues.

You can start by creating a free account on their website. Then, verify your child’s iCloud credentials, and it will sync their device with your account. That’s it. Once you log back into your account, you can start tracking their data.


Neatspy is an advanced phone monitoring platform, very suitable for parents to use. You can use its keylogger function to learn everything your child is typing on the iPhone. It records all keystrokes and displays messages, texts and passwords to help you monitor them remotely.

You can also use its location tracker to check the exact location of your child. In addition, if the iPhone’s GPS is not working properly at this time, you can use the SIM card tracker. People in more than 190 countries trust Neatspy as their first phone monitoring solution. Therefore, you can use it without worrying about data and security issues.


Spyzie is committed to similar concepts and helps parents track their children’s devices with minimal technical knowledge. Anyone can create an account on their website and set up a parental control application online. The application is completely web-based and will not require you to install any applications on your device.

Employees also want to track their employees. Spyzie helps them find out if some employees are leaking their confidential data to other companies.


For parents looking for a complete phone tracking solution, Cocospy is an excellent choice. It has functions for all types of phone monitoring. Just set up the device and check all the functions under the dashboard section. You will find social media spies, location trackers and other message trackers.

Cocospy has a unique keylogger, which can also be used with iPhone. Therefore, you can finally track all messages and passwords of your child’s device immediately.

Youth safety

Teensafe is another good platform for tracking children. As a phone monitoring platform, it can act as a parental control application to improve your phone tracking experience. You can know when your child uses his phone or who he talks with on the device.

In addition, the location tracker works well and provides some accurate results. You can also use the SIM card tracker to check where your child has been most recently. With the built-in Teensafe stealth mode, you can lock any device without revealing your identity.


As the name suggests, FoneMonitor is an application that allows you to turn your phone into a child’s monitoring device. The website has a concise and engaging interface that makes setting up the application easier. You can track their real-time location on this platform at any time.

Like other phone monitoring apps, it is web-based, and it can even display all data without downloading the app to your device. You can visit their website to learn more about their advanced features.


ClickFree is an application that provides faster phone tracking services. Generally, these applications take a lot of time to use the account verification device. However, ClickFree is faster and can verify the device in minutes. Therefore, you can start tracking the unit immediately after connecting it to its online platform.

This is a secure application and provides a private key to help you ensure the safety of your children. Therefore, you can rely on this application to get a fast and safe way to track it.

Final verdict-the correct parental control app for iPhone

If you are looking for a complete parental control application, you can choose Minspy. Also, if you want a simple application, then Spyine is the right application for you. You can consider many other solutions.

All of these apps provide free demos and allow you to use sample devices to understand their functions.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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