The 5 best Android browsers with support for extensions

Browser extensions allow you to customize the browsing experience by adding certain features. For years only desktop browsers supported browser extensions. Now you can also install browser extensions using selected Android browsers.

Browser like Kiwi, Brave, and Yandex rely on Chrome Storage for expansion. While most of the extensions come from the Chrome Store works well, you will often come across those that only partially work or not at all. This is why browsers like Firefox and Samsung Internet have their own extensions to ensure a flawless experience.

In this article, we are going to introduce the best Android browsers that support the extension or add-ons. Let’s begin.

1. Kiwi browser

When it comes to Android browsers with extension support, the Kiwi browser is a popular recommendation on the internet. The browser is based on the Chromium project, which is also available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. So, Chrome Users will find a similar user experience and will have no problem switching from their preferred browser.

Add to Chrome Extensions in the Kiwi Browser is also a PC-like experience. You can either go chrome: // extensions or use the three dot menu.

Kiwi browser

With Kiwi Browser, you don’t have to worry about annoying ads while surfing thanks to its powerful ad and popup blocker. And if you’re tired of Google forcing you to view AMP web pages despite a fast internet connection, the Kiwi browser also offers the option to turn AMP off completely.

Since the browser is based on Chromium Canary, you’ll get the latest features first before they’re released to the stable Google Chrome Browser. The only downside to the Kiwi browser is that it is only available for Android. So you cannot synchronize your data across platforms.

2. Brave Browser

Brave is another chrome-based browser that supports extensions. What sets it apart from the rest is its unique approach to getting rid of annoying ads. Instead of forcing ads, it anonymously charges the attention you give the websites you visit in exchange for a monthly fee. And you get this compensation in the form of a cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token).

You can visit them Chrome save in browser extensions. You will find useful ones such as HTTPS everywhere and Privacy badger .

Brave    Browser

Rewards in Brave Browser

When it comes to the browsing experience, you can expect relatively fast load times and fewer outages. The homepage widget also shows the number of ads and trackers avoided by users, as well as the dates and times saved by users while browsing.

On the whole, Brave Browser is unique and has a somewhat “bold” approach to managing ads to its advantage.

3. Yandex browser

Whether it’s ad blocker, privacy, voice search, or customization, Yandex has everything you would expect from a browser these days. In addition to making your browsing experience smooth, it promises to keep you safe from threats like untrusted certificates, malicious sites, paid subscriptions, and more.

You can download extensions on Yandex directly from the Chrome Shop. Again, not all of these extensions will work. To make up for this, Yandex also has its catalog with a handful of additions, including some popular names like LastPass, Pocket, and Evernote.

Yandex browser

Yandex browser extensions

In addition, Yandex’s night mode, along with other accessibility options, such as the ability to change the text size and subtitle support, make for a good reading experience.

Similar to the Google feed, Yandex also shows you stories and news tailored to your interests. And if you want to see information at a glance, Yandex also has some useful widgets like weather, news, traffic and market quotes for your home screen.

4th Firefox Browser

Firefox has been Chrome’s biggest competitor for a long time and is one of the few browsers on Android that is not based on Chromium. If you’re someone who switches back and forth between PC and phone, this is this Firefox Browser is a great option with its cross-platform compatibility. All you need is one Firefox Account, and you can sync all your passwords, history and bookmarks across all devices.

With FirefoxPrivacy features are paramount here, with online trackers and invasive ads blocked by default, along with an option to block most third-party cookies and trackers in strict mode.

Firefox    Browser on Android

Firefox    Add us

Additionally, if you’re a fan of customization like most Android users, you’ll be glad to know that you can customize almost every aspect of the browser. Plus, the built-in reading mode removes all design elements from a page so you can focus on the text.

But when it comes to extensions, not being a Chrome-based browser counteracts it Firefox you only get a limited number of add-ons use. That said, these handful of add-ons are guaranteed to work flawlessly.

5. Samsung internet browser

It’s rare for an OEM browser on this list, but the Samsung Internet Browser definitely deserves it. Like its counterpart above, Samsung Internet has a few add-ons to offer. And yes, they are not limited to Samsung devices.

Instead of offering you the whole thing Chrome store selects and develops Samsung add-ons for mobile use. So you may miss out on quantity, but never quality. Plus, you get all of the popular ones including ad blockers, shopping assistants, translators, security, and more.

Samsung internet browser

Add-ons in the Samsung internet browser

Are you afraid of losing your data if you switch browsers? Good with the Samsung Internet Extension You can easily sync all of your bookmarks and browsing history. Apart from that, there is a lot to admire about the Samsung Internet Browser, which comes with handy features like QR code scanner, customizable toolbar, reading mode, etc.

Like most of the browsers on this list, Samsung Internet has a beta version that you can use if you want to take a look at these upcoming features.

Extraordinary good

Well, those were the best Android browsers with extension support. While these browsers don’t promise to support every extension available, you can get most extensions to work. What’s more, most of them also come with some useful privacy and customization features that will give you reason enough to switch from your existing browser.

While for many it is almost disappointing that Chrome for Android does not yet have support for extensions, it has hidden experimental functions in the form of Chrome Flags worth checking out.

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