The 5 best Android launchers for Windows 10 fans

While Windows holds the lion’s share of the personal computing market in terms of user base, Android enjoys a similar position in the mobile computing market. But unlike iOS and macOS, where the UI works and looks consistent across all devices, it’s not the same with Windows. However, there are some Android launchers that can restore the look of Windows 10 to your smartphone.

We’ve talked about several launch vehicles in the past like Nova and Action, to name a few. Today’s focus would be on startup programs that mimick Windows UI elements and reimagine them for the smaller screen. Hope you enjoy Windows lovers.

Let’s begin.

1. Microsoft Launcher

This is the only official launcher from Microsoft for Windows users. One of the main advantages of using Microsoft Launcher is that it integrates natively with the Sticky Notes app on your Windows computer. There is a handy widget in the sidebar for taking quick notes. Other Microsoft app widgets include the To-Do app and Outlook Calendar.

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 2

There are many ways to customize the home screen, app drawer, and gestures. It pulls a new background image from Bing every day and brings news from different categories and regions without cluttering your home screen every day. Microsoft Launcher focuses more on usefulness and integration than aesthetics that help you be more productive.

Microsoft Launcher is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

2. Win 10 Launcher

Unlike Microsoft Launcher, Win 10 Launcher instantly reminds you of the Windows 10 desktop. You get a few familiar shortcuts, including the iconic This PC, which you can rename to your username. There is a recycle bin and system tray that works and houses the clock and action center.

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 3

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 4

The folders open like in the file explorer in the Windows operating system and a tap on the date and time symbol opens the calendar. Win 10 Launcher not only feels, but works remarkably like your preferred computer operating system.

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 5

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 6

While it has a Start menu and an Action Center button, it isn’t the same on a smaller screen. However, they would look a lot better on a tablet.

Win 10 Launcher is free to use, but it comes with ads that can be removed for $ 1.49.

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 13

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 10

Advanced functions such as live tiles, background images and themes can be unlocked for $ 2.49 after a 14-day trial version, among other things.

4. Computer starter

Computer Launcher is another Windows 10-themed Android launcher that mimics the layout and user interfaces as closely as possible on an Android. At first glance, you’ll feel like it’s pretty similar to the Win 10 Launcher above, which isn’t a bad thing. The start menu with search bar, desktop icons, taskbar, etc. are all there.

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 7

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 8

There are a few subtle differences, however. Computer Launcher misses the Windows Themes icon backgrounds that you may have noticed in Win 10. Where it loses aesthetics, it makes up for its usefulness. It allows users to open two separate folders on the same screen, similar to some popular Android file manager apps.

Computer Launcher is free to download and use, but it is supported by ads. You can remove it for $ 1.99.

5. Launcher 10

Launcher 10 has a clean, tile-based user interface, also inspired by the outdated Windows Mobile operating system. It provides finer control over the home screen, such as the number of columns and tiles in each column, types of animations, fonts, and icon packs.

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 11

Best Android Launcher for Windows 10 Fans 12

That Windows feeling

Android Launcher can completely change the appearance of your smartphone. However, some launchers also bring useful features. Switching between launchers is as easy as installing an app and launching it. Most launchers have a backup feature so you can quickly switch between your favorite Android launchers from time to time. All you have to do is restore from backup. We recommend that you keep these backup files in the Cloud and transfer them every time you switch phones.

Next Up:

Using a third-party launcher on Android might leave you without the Google Feed integration. Thankfully, there are a few unofficial ways to enable it.

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