The 5 best Microsoft Outlook-Alternatives for Android

Microsoft Outlook is a solid email and calendar app for Android and iPhone. However, it’s best for those who have invested in the Microsoft ecosystem of apps and services, rather than those who use Gmail and Yahoo email accounts. If you are out of the Outlook App for Android, you need to weigh your options carefully.

Microsoft Outlook isn’t just limited to email. The company also has built-in contact and calendar functions. While this can add value, you may want to keep the contacts and calendar separate from your email.

While Microsoft Outlook Apps work well on iOS and Android, sometimes things are either complicated or simply missing. It lacks essential things like fingerprint authentication and sorting emails into different categories.

1. Gmail

The Gmail app comes on a pre-installed Android phone and often turns out to be a natural option.

The app is packed with all of those Gmail-centric features like extensive filters, auto-suggestion, spam protection, and more. Our biggest gripe with Gmail is its consistent user interface. However, the iPhone does display a hamburger menu that you can use to navigate through the labels and other options.

Gmail Smart Compose

Among all the functions, Smart Compose offers automatic suggestions for completing sentences. Outlook provides a similar function but is limited to Outlook web only.

Switching accounts via the profile icon is a feature that every user will appreciate. Swipe up or down on the profile icon in the top right corner and you’ll be able to switch between email accounts in the app.

Other features include integration with Google Tasks to send an email directly to the task management app, shortcuts for other Google apps, support for dark topics, and more.

2. Spark Mail

Spark Email is one of the cleanest email apps out there. The app uses a nice white + blue design with relevant options on top. Again, it relies on a hamburger menu rather than a bottom menu bar to get things done.

The missing OutlookThe Focus Inbox feature will feel right at home in Spark Mail with Smart Inbox. It clears out the inbox and only shows you the relevant emails. Smart Inbox neatly categorizes emails into relevant sections like Personal, Notifications, Newsletters, Pins, and Seen. That is sorely lacking in the Outlook to mail.

Spark mail home

Spark mail menu

Email templates are an interesting add-on. It allows you to create template messages that you use frequently to save time when you regularly send similar email messages to people.

Other features include email signature, themes, email viewer option, fingerprint protection and more. Spark Email is completely free to download and use.

3. Yahoo email

While its relevance isn’t as strong as it was years ago, Yahoo email remains the first choice for thousands of users out there. The new email app looks modern and offers theme options right from the start.

For better accessibility, the app offers all relevant options in the lower area. Yahoo works perfectly with third-party apps like LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Yahoo Mail home

Yahoo Mail features

The Yahoo Email app is filled with giant banner ads on the home screen, and many won’t like it. And there is no option to purchase them to remove them. not how Outlook, Yahoo is not trying to do too many things at the same time. It focuses on email and it excels there.

The other features include multiple theme options, email signature, block pictures, fingerprint protection, and more.

4. myMail

myMail supports a long list of email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Exchange, AOL, and more.

Once you’ve added an email account, the app will take a while to sync emails. After that, it is a pleasure to use with the navigation below and a clean user interface. The iconography and theme options are spot on.

My mail home

My mail menu

The advertising is minimal and cleverly hidden under the menus and does not come in the face when using the app. The app offers various theme options, an email folder, an address book, and more. my.Mail also supports fingerprint authentication, something that is missing in the Outlook App.

myMail is completely free to download and use.

5. Email lightening

As the name suggests, Email by Editon software claims to be the fastest email app out there. It offers a similar add-on for the focused inbox as Outlook and prioritizes the inbox itself.

Email app suggests convenient Outlook with integrated assistant. Tap the hamburger menu at the top and you will find an email that covers all of your emails under relevant categories like Subscriptions, Travel, Packages, Bills, Entertainment, and Refund Alerts. It’s easy to find the email you’re looking for, and we want every email app to bluntly copy this feature.

Edison Mail home

Edison Mail ui

It also comes with multiple themes, custom signature, fingerprint lock, templates, color coding, and more. Email Lightning is free to use, which is surprising given the variety of features it offers. We won’t be surprised to see the paid plan picking up in the future.

dig Outlook on Android

Go through the list above and get the perfect one Outlook Alternative on Android. We’ll bet on Gmail or Spark. But the email app is also a nice option with a built-in assistant. Which one will you choose? Mute the sound in the comments section below.

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