The 5 best productivity apps for Mac[2020]

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Is your workload overwhelmed? Do you find it difficult to reach your goal? This is what you need to know. Maintaining productivity can complete work faster and help achieve more goals.

Everyone faces the annoyance of distraction during working hours, but with the best productivity apps for Mac listed below, you will never miss the deadline. In fact, you can perform multiple operations in a short amount of time.

Mac productivity apps help you work efficiently

These applications are non-interfering and can significantly increase your productivity. This list is mainly for designers, whether you are working remotely or freelance, you can stay constructive. Without further ado, let us go straight into it.

1. Trello-track projects anytime, anywhere

use Trello Keep track of the jobs you are working on and arrange them appropriately. It is a collaboration tool that helps you manage tasks and projects simultaneously with your team.

You can create discussion rooms and track the status of your projects anytime, anywhere. If you are a freelancer and find it difficult to manage deadlines with many clients, then Trello is your first choice. With Trello, you can deliver on time and keep customers updated until the end of the project.

Trello is similar to the Kanban process and helps the team work efficiently. If you are the one who writes down all important things on post-it notes, Trello is the best choice. It is similar to a digital post-it note, where you can track the process in the card.

You can share video and audio files. Another feature is that you can comment on the card and let team members know about updates or changes. With reasonable prices and fast notifications, Trello can become the best productivity app on the Mac. Trello cards are the most effective way to ensure you stay in the work area. Most importantly, it can be used on mobile devices and is user-friendly.

2. Tranquility-guide your attention

It’s easy to get distracted, but you need to be vigilant, and Serene allows you to deliver projects quickly to impress your customers.

To help you stay focused, you can download Serene application for macOS can improve work efficiency. This is the best productivity app for Mac.

It can make plans and stop distractions such as the most commonly used applications, and provide you with a timely break to re-energize and direct your attention.

Tranquility is widely used by writers, designers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to maintain discipline and maintain a smooth workflow. It lets you know the time spent on each application and ensures that you do not waste time on non-productive applications.

You can use Serene to create a to-do list and set a scheduler. Music plays a vital role in improving your work efficiency, and Serene knows this well. With the music on this app, you can concentrate for a long time and finish your work on time.

Once you set your daily goal, the app will create sessions and make sure you are not distracted during those sessions. Compared to wasting time on ineffective applications, it can block websites and help you focus better.

3. Movavi Screen Recorder – Watch the webinar anytime, anywhere

Movavi Screen Recorder is a powerful tool that allows you to easily record webinars and meetings. In the meeting with Movavi, you no longer need to miss valuable points. You can capture snapshots, schedule time and edit immediately.

Watch online tutorials at your own pace by arranging time, don’t miss a single video using this tool. You can save and export video tools in any format.

In addition, the video quality is top-notch and can be run offline, making it a comprehensive tool for everyone. It is one of the best productivity applications on the Mac.

You can share videos with team members immediately, or export videos in various formats.

Whether you are making Skype calls with your friends or team members, using Movavi Screen Recorder is feasible. You can archive video and audio.You can learn more Here .

4. Magnet – Multitasking like Pro

In order to increase productivity, the Magnet application for MacOS is excellent. You can efficiently perform multitasking and save time without having to switch between applications multiple times.

This is a great way to organize windows by snapping them into tiles immediately. By using Magnet to organize the windows, you can keep your progress and avoid ignoring important tasks.

If you find it difficult to perform multitasking, this application will provide you with the best choice. It is one of the excellent mac productivity applications that can add value to your work.

With very little effort, you can adjust the window size and improve work efficiency without having to spend a lot of time switching applications. It keeps your workstation in order and simplifies the workflow.

5. Switch-measure your working time

Staying efficient does not mean sitting in front of a laptop all day. If you switch tabs from time to time, Toggl will tell you your daily work efficiency. This is another best productivity app for Mac.

You can track the time spent on each tab, and you can also know how long you have been idle without doing any work. This is a simple and powerful tool that can help you measure working hours.

If you miss the deadline, then it’s time to start using Toggl and do your best. You can view summary data of the time and activity spent on each tab to ensure maximum work efficiency.

It tracks time in the background and lets you know how much time is spent on each application.

You can schedule meetings with your team and remind you when your project is approaching its deadline. It has a lot of functions and is compatible with mobile devices and PCs.

wrap up

Although these are just some of the productivity apps of macOS, there are many other apps you can use to increase productivity. It depends on which is more convenient for you. If you have tight deadlines and struggle to concentrate on optimal multitasking, these apps can help you improve your workflow.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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