The 5 Best RSS Feed News Reader Apps for Mac

The news sites and blogs always provide information updated every hour. Not using RSS feeds to consume this content can save you time and data to consume all kinds of content through a single app. Of course, media company’s dedicated apps are nice, but what if your only interest is markets, business, sports, or a combination of a few topics?

So instead of opening multiple tabs or holding a handful of news apps, RSS feeds let you enjoy content from multiple sources in a single app.

The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds mostly pick up the title, photo and some text (sometimes the whole article) and let you read them without the distraction. This allows you to keep track of the latest updates from your favorite blogs and websites in one place instead of visiting multiple websites on your Mac.

Here’s a compilation of the 5 best RSS newsreader apps that we found extremely useful.

1. NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is a free, open source app for reading RSS feeds, and I’ll bet you heard about it when you were looking for a dedicated RSS feed app. The latest version of the app offers a fast and reliable reading experience for RSS news. The RSS feed enthusiasts can link their Feedbin account which comes with a paid subscription.

And the Feedly users can also synchronize their read items across devices. It comes with a handful of sources, and you can always import the OPML file from elsewhere.

The two-column user interface with a window reminds you of apps like MS Outlook. This also applies to most of the apps on this list. Using lots of keyboard shortcuts with the chic experience is fun. Likewise, tinkering with a variety of customizations and a powerful search. The only place this app falls short is being able to share a few things. So if you’re looking for an open source app that you can later customize to your liking, NetNewsWire checks most of the correct boxes.

2. Shipowner 5

The newly updated Reeder 5 offers one of the most sophisticated user interfaces of all available RSS readers. The iPhone users will love the new iCloud sync feature to use with their Macs.

Shipowner RSS News Reader Mac

Before, the big updates took a while and you should be grateful for them. The developers proactively roll out app updates as soon as the new iOS version is dropped.

Read later and mark as read while scrolling is extremely useful for heavy readers who prefer RSS feeds to consume news. And it only gets better with a bunch of support for third-party services like Feedbin, Feedly, FeedHQ, NewsBlur, Instapaper, Pocket, and others. You can of course import the OPML file from other services at any time. If you love a polished user interface and animation, you have to buy Reeder 5 for $ 9.99 on the Mac Store

3. ReadKit

ReadKit serves as the perfect, no-frills newsreader app with support for several Read it later services such as Instapaper, Readability and Pocket. Any of these services can really help you organize the long form or other content that you might want to read later. Alternatively, you can also mark them.

Read Kit RSS Feeds Reader Mac

The Smart Folder option allows you to manage and organize your feed subscriptions into meaningful topics and categories. For example, I’ve sorted mine into Android, Apple, Gaming, and so on. Wondering how to add your feed collection? Well, ReadKit supports a wide variety of RSS feed subscription services like Feedly, Feedbin, NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler, and even Fever.

Okay, I saved myself the best for last – focus mode and search (self explanatory). The focus mode hides all columns with folders and turns the window into a full screen for reading the article. ReadKit is available for $ 9.99 on the Mac App Store.

4. Message Explorer

One of the strengths of the News Explorer app is that it can sync content from RSS, Atom, and JSON even. supports Twitter Feeds. In addition to that, it also supports podcast RSS feeds so you don’t miss your favorite podcast episodes.

News Explorer RSS News Reader Mac

Because of this, News Explorer is my RSS reader of choice for following podcasts as I read and flip through multiple feeds from various sources. While it has most of the functionality for customizing views and managing sources, there is another reason to prefer News Explorer.

The app is priced at $ 9.99 if you want to purchase it from the Mac App Store. However, if you buy SetApp’s monthly subscription For the same amount, you can get News Explorer and several other paid apps for free – all included in the subscription amount. I think that’s pretty good when you just want to try out several paid apps for a month and then continue your subscription if you want. So this app is best for those looking for that value for money on paid Mac apps.

5. Feedly

The Feedly app looks like a browser-packed version of their online app, but for Macs. Why is it on this list? Well, if the above four apps didn’t convince you, Feedly is the best place to start.

Feedly RSS Feeds Reader Mac

It offers several popular RSS sources categorized by topic – technology, startup, business, sports, health, and more. So you choose the category that interests you and then choose the sources that offer RSS feeds.

While the free version should work for most users, for $ 6 a month, Feedly Pro bundles more feed sources, lets you share on social networks, copy content to note-taking apps, and more. The Pro + plan costs $ 8.25 per month and includes Leo, an AI-powered digital assistant that will tweak and crop your collection to remove duplicates, classify updates by topic, add mute filters, generate summaries, and more more.

Read or not

After Google Reader shut down, I moved the RSS feeds OPML file to Feedly which really helped in subscribing to a lot of similar sources and removing rare or overlapping sources. As a recovering RSS reader, I now prefer the ones with Read It Later services burned in.

Most of the other apps on this list support a Feedly account. This makes transferring your curated lists and sections from Feedly to another app a breeze. In the meantime, I yell at Netscape for giving the world RSS to handle the information overload. So which RSS newsfeed readers do you use on your Mac, iPhone, Android or Windows PC?

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