The 7 best ways to fix Microsoft Teams sign-in errors

Microsoft Teams is enjoying its dream run in the enterprise market. The software recently 250 million MAU. exceeded (Monthly active users). With the upcoming native integration of Microsoft Teams in Windows 11, the number will only get higher from here. However, the reliability of the software leaves a big question mark against Microsoft Teams. Sometimes the users cannot log into the service.

Other hurdles include Microsoft Teams showing a blank white screen, screen sharing not working, and more. Among them, the login error is a real headache for users. If you are suffering from such a problem, we’ll fix it.

Before you start, make sure you’re using Microsoft Teams with an active internet connection on Windows 10.

1. Quit Microsoft Teams

Sometimes the sign-in failure occurs if you don’t quit Microsoft Teams properly and reopen it from the system tray or the application menu.

Hover your mouse pointer over the lower-right corner of the taskbar, and you’ll see the Microsoft Teams icon there. Right click on it and choose Exit.

The software becomes complete close Teams services in the background and now you can try to sign in again.

2. Close Microsoft Teams via Task Manager

The problem with the above method is that sometimes users don’t see the Teams icon in the system tray even though it’s running in the background. In that case, you can use the Task Manager app on Windows and all of it close the Teams app and all associated services in the background.

Step 1: Press the Windows Key and look for Task Manager.

Step 2: Blow Enter and open the Task Manager app.

Close Microsoft Teams

Step 3: Identify Microsoft Teams from the list. Select the app and click the End Task option at the bottom.

Restart the computer, open Microsoft Teams, and try to sign in again.

3. Check the Microsoft Teams servers

Microsoft Teams is notorious for server outrage. We saw that the company was often faced with server-side bugs that kept employees away from the software for hours.

Outrage over Microsoft teams

You can confirm the issue through social media handles or visit Down detector and search for Microsoft Teams. If you experience strong spikes in outrage towards Microsoft Teams, you have no choice but to wait for Microsoft to fix the problem on your part.

4. Repair Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams giving sign-in errors could be due to a system-level error on your computer. However, Windows does offer an option to fix the apps without putting too much strain on them. How to use it.

Step 1: Open the Windows 10 Settings app (use the Windows + I keys).

Step 2: Navigate to Apps> Apps & Features and choose Microsoft Teams from the menu.

Find Microsoft Teams

Step 3: Click on the app and go to the advanced options.

Step 4: In the menu that follows, find the Repair option under the Reset menu.

Step 5: Choose Repair and let Windows handle the problem in the background.

Repair Microsoft Teams

Open Microsoft Teams and try to sign in again.

5. Clear the Microsoft Teams cache

This could be the main culprit behind Microsoft Teams sign-in failure on Windows 10.

Over time, your computer will collect user data in the background to speed up common tasks in the app. Unfortunately, overloading such data can lead to a login failure on your computer. So you can clear the cache and use Microsoft Teams as before.

Step 1: Close the Microsoft Teams app and press Windows + R keys to open the Run menu.

Step 2: Enter% appdata% MicrosoftTeams in the box and click Enter.

Open the run menu

Step 3: The command opens the File Explorer menu with Microsoft Teams files.

Step 4: Select all folders and files and remove them from the computer.

Clear Microsoft Teams cache

Restart the Windows 10 computer and try to sign in again.

6. Access Microsoft Teams on the web

This is only a temporary solution. If you’re still having sign-in problems with the Microsoft Teams app on Windows 10, you can opt for the web version for now.

Microsoft Teams is also available on the web. You can access the service from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and clean up the meetings and daily routine.

7. Uninstall Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Web is fine, but it’s not a permanent solution to replacing the native app on Windows 10.

You can uninstall the problematic app and download the latest version of software available from the Microsoft Store.

Go to Windows 10 Settings> Apps> Apps & Features> Microsoft Teams and select the Uninstall button.

Dumb Microsoft teams

Download and install the latest Microsoft Teams app from the web or the Microsoft Store.

Start using Teams again

In today’s digital age, Microsoft Teams has become an integral part of every business. The software that can’t log you in can spoil your mood. Before looking for competing services, use the tricks above and fix it in no time.

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