The 8 Best iPad Apps for Your M1 Mac

Apple recently announced its new MacBook Pro models with its proprietary Apple silicon chipsets. The first in this series is the M1. It’s a big change for Apple and macOS from using Intel processors and their architecture.

In addition, the M1 processors use a different architecture that makes a Mac more efficient and powerful. And with this new architecture, Macs can now run iPhone and iPad apps.

Although Apple lists them on the App Store, it might be difficult to find the iPad apps with the best compatibility. In this article, we are going to show you the best iPad apps to use with an M1 Mac.

The best iPad apps compatible with the Apple M1 chipset

1. Covered

Overcast is one of the best podcast apps out there. It’s a fully featured, modern looking, and nicely designed podcast app that has a lot of features. It has features like Smart Speed, Voice Boost, Sleep Timer and many others. In addition, the Overcast app is also compatible with the Apple Watch and supports CarPlay.

The Overcast app on an M1 Mac feels like a native podcast app and gives you access to all of its features. It’s one of the best-optimized apps you can find on an M1 Mac. As with the iPhone / iPad app, you will see advertisements here if you have not subscribed to the premium plan. Other than that, it’s a great podcast app to try out if you have a Mac with an M1 on board.

2. Glo | Yoga and meditation app

The Glo app is one of the top rated yoga apps that you can find on the App Store. You can practice yoga and meditation with the best teachers from all over the world.

Here you will find courses for everyone – beginners to advanced. It offers you personalized routines to shape yourself. The Glo app is also available on Apple Watch and Apple TV, so you can access it from anywhere.

Since it works as an iPad app on the M1 Mac, it’s more vertical than horizontal. In either case, you can later resize the window to your liking. The functionality is the same, as is the design language. When you download it, it’s a free app, but it requires an additional subscription of $ 22.99 per month if you want to continue the practice.

3. Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit is a great Reddit client for iPhones and iPads. It has a much faster and cleaner user interface than the official Reddit app. You can also customize the app to suit your preferences.

The user interface on the M1 Mac is similar to that of an iPad, so you have a vertical user interface. However, you can resize it to whatever size you want. However, we discovered that for some reason we were unable to sign in through Reddit, which currently appears to be a bug.

The app is free to use, but if you want more features you can subscribe to $ 0.99 per month or $ 9.99 annually.

4th LumaFusion

LumaFusion is known as one of the best video editing apps for iPad and iPhone. It offers features such as intuitive video editing, tons of effects, video stabilization and color correction tools, audio effects, titles, and much more.

If you use LumaFusion a lot and you own an M1 Mac, you can use the LumaFusion app on your M1 Mac. The functionality is the same as on an iPad, as is the user interface.

It supports all the features you can find on an iPad or iPhone. However, you need to purchase the LumaFusion app from the App Store for $ 19.99 as it doesn’t include a free trial.

5. Habit tracker

Habit Tracker is a daily planner app. This app allows you to build healthy habits that will guide you towards achieving your goals.

It offers valuable features like grouping of habits, statistics, repeated reminders, location reminders and much more. All of your habits are automatically backed up to your iCloud so you don’t have to worry.

The app works fine on an M1 Mac, but it’s an iPad app so you can see it more horizontally. The app is completely free and supports the Apple Watch.

6th North star

North Star is a target tracking app. It comes with a nice user interface that you can feel comfortable using. You can plan multiple destinations and North Star will add them to your list.

You can track your habits and milestones, and measure your progress over time. You can also schedule reminders and to-do lists. You don’t need to register or sign in to use the app.

It works flawlessly as a native iPad app on the M1 Mac. It’s free to download and use, or you can upgrade to plans that range from $ 2.50 per month to $ 50 for life.

7th Headroom

Headspace is a meditation app that can be used to improve your meditative skills. The app offers many guided meditations to help you manage stress and anxiety, sleep well, focus, and have a healthy mind and body.

You can practice different styles of meditation to suit your schedule. In addition, you can see SOS sessions where you can cope with moments like panic, stress, and anxiety attacks.

The app is also compatible with Apple Watch and works well with iMessages too. Although the app is free to use, you can unlock more features by subscribing to the monthly or annual plan, which costs $ 12.99 and $ 69.99, respectively. In addition, Headspace syncs your meditation sessions with the Apple Health app to keep track of them in one place.

8th. Picsew

The Picsew app is an app that allows you to merge multiple screenshots. So, if you used them on an iPad to merge multiple screenshots and take long screenshots, you can now use them on the M1 Mac.

It has some of the best features a screenshot stitching tool can offer including screen recording, hiding the status bar, annotations, and a great algorithm for perfectly stitching screenshots. The user interface is relatively simple and there are no ads in the app. It’s available on M1 Macs and iPads and works the same way.

The app is completely free to use, but you can unlock some more features by upgrading to the Standard or Pro version. If you want the same iPad experience on your Mac, this is a highly recommended tool.

Try out iPad apps on the M1 Mac

Currently, the M1 chipset is only compatible with a few iPad apps. Since the migration to M1 will take some time, the compatibility of apps may increase over time.

In the meantime, you can use these iPad apps on your Mac or try other compatible apps that take full advantage of the M1 chip.

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