The best chess games to install on Ubuntu

“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.” Marcel Duchamp

Chess, one of the oldest games of skill and history lesson, is widely known throughout the world. This is a war over the board, and each war requires strategy, the core game of chess. A game of intelligence and intelligence, chess is played only for the sake of honor. Defeat in chess or checkmate is such a terrible and powerful defeat. But even in defeat there is an irreplaceable passion and learning!

Introduction to chess

Chess is a game for two players on a chessboard with six types of game pieces; king, queen, rook, bishop, knight and pawn. Unsurprisingly, the game pieces in the chess game represent the different roles of humans in medieval kingdoms.

Each piece has its own set of moves. Usually, chess uses white pieces for one and black pieces for the other, the main goal of chess is to capture the opponent’s king. If a piece can capture the enemy king on the next move, then the opponent is considered to be in check. If the opponent has no way of getting out of control, then he will surely be defeated on the next move – and this is called mate.

“Chess is the gym of the mind.” Blaise Pascal

Chess is beautifully complex and requires skill to understand. Mastery is achieved through practice. And playing chess, as you know, sharpens the mind and enhances the intellect.

It is not necessary to have a board game to play chess these days. Like most games, chess is also available digitally. There are many versions of chess that you can download for Ubuntu. Some are mentioned below.

The best chess games on Linux

Learning the game now is as easy as installing a program that is only a few megabytes in size and getting started right away! Let’s take a look at some of the best chess games available for download on Linux systems.


Let’s start the list with a chess client for Ubuntu that does everything! PyChess is free, open source and full featured. We recommend this chess client for players with experience with online chess servers and databases.

PyChess, a complete chess program that does whatever you want in chess, is the first chess app for Ubuntu. Let’s take a look at some of the features that PyChess has to offer:

  • You can play online and offline
  • You can play several games at the same time on different tabs
  • You can study the moves that chess players usually play in the “Home Book” tab.
  • You can chat with players in the game
  • The Comments tab describes each move as it is played. There is also a counter and a record of the history of moves.
  • Many online chess servers are supported, such as FreeChess.
  • Several chess engines are supported and you can play against them after choosing the difficulty level. You can also play against PyChess’s own chess engine, although it is not yet fully developed.
  • The “hint” and “spy” functions will help you throughout the game, suggesting a move or predicting the enemy’s move.
  • Many types of chess files can be saved and loaded.

If you are a developer looking to add something to this list of features, you will be pleased to know that PyChess is open source and written in Python.


Stockfish is another advanced chess engine that has received critical acclaim in the online chess world. Like PyChess, Stockfish is also open source – another great news for developers reading this! At first it was included in the top 20 chess engines, but in 2018 Stockfish successfully climbed this list and became the strongest chess engine in the world.

Stockfish grew in popularity after it competed with AlphaZero, an artificial intelligence program that learned to play chess. Although AlphaZero beat Stockfish in 2019, you can imagine Stockfish’s generosity in the fact that its chess engine searches 70 million chess positions.

Almost all modern GUI chess programs support the game against Stockfish. And picking Stockfish as your opponent will undoubtedly be tricky, but how can you expand your knowledge without a major challenge? If you want to practice chess, chess gurus recommend that you play against strong chess engines like Stockfish.

Simply chess

Simply Chess is the perfect chess game if you are new to online chess. It’s easy to download. You can find it on Steam, the video game distributor available on Ubuntu, as well as Mac and Windows. Simply Chess is free with a $ 4.99 premium upgrade.

Simply chess

As the name suggests, it has simple functions and is very easy to get used to. Here’s a list of what Simply Chess has to offer:

  • You can play online and offline
  • You can play against Stockfish, the world famous chess AI! Simply Chess allows you to complete 100 AI levels.
  • You can play in multiplayer mode using the rotation mechanism on the same computer.
  • Simply Chess supports asynchronous mode, which means you can move when the opponent is offline.
  • There are two graphics modes – 2D and 3D.
  • It maintains meaningful achievements and Steam statistics.

Anyone, novice or expert, Simply Chess embodies the core value of simplicity. Download the game on Steam for additional features.

Remember the words of Simon Williams: “The beauty of chess is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic status. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death at the chessboard. “

If you are an avid chess player and just started using Linux, you don’t need to stop practicing the game. There are many multipurpose chess applications available for download on Ubuntu. Never stop honing your skills!

And if you haven’t played chess before, use these Linux resources and programs and get started. Develop your decision making skills!

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