The best software for video presentations in Windows 10

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In this fast-developing technology-savvy era, video marketing is on the rise in every business area. From sales presentations to business presentations, webinars to presentations, tutorials to guidance, videos are the best choice for professionals to show their talents. HubSpot reports that 85% of companies use video to promote their marketing strategies. Enter the PowerPoint video presentation. For ten years, due to the improvement of visual effects, speeches have been the focus of every company’s attention.

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Video presentations make your content awesome, engaging and visually engaging. Easy to distribute via digital media such as email, social media or newsletters, they are essential for companies to enhance their brand beauty. Convey your brand’s vision, passion and message through video presentations, which include still images, slides, animations or actual video movies.Create attractive slideshows with professionally customized content PowerPoint template Create interesting videos from websites such as SlideModel.

Before we delve into the best software and applications to build the perfect video presentation, let us briefly explain why every business should adopt them. So, why choose a video presentation instead of a regular presentation?

  • Kind and convey humane emotions
  • Video presentations are easy to use and can be converted into video ads, social media graphics, video stories and banners
  • Present information to the audience in a more digestible way
  • Persist content in the audience’s mind
  • More persuasive and far-reaching than a simple text presentation

Now that we know what boon video demos are, here are some software and applications used to design them:

1. Visme video presentation tool

Visme is cloud-based presentation software for building magnificent slides. With a large number of templates suitable for each industry, you can create, download and share your business video presentations. Visme has a large number of well-planned video clips, animated presentation slides, various visual effects, text layouts, icons and data widgets. Integrate your video presentation with video clips, dubbing and audio clips.

Use Visme’s powerful statistical visual resource library to organize video presentations with powerful data representations (such as charts and graphs). You can download a long video presentation in mp4 format, or you can download a short video presentation in GIF format. Choose from its simple, creative and modern style video presentation templates. What’s even more impressive is that after sharing a presentation, you can receive analytical information about who opened and viewed your content!

2. Powtoon video presentation tool

With Powtoon, you can create intuitive video presentations in less than 20 minutes to impress your customers and establish effective communication. The software is used by large enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Cisco, allowing you to easily create fully customized video and animated presentations. Design eye-catching video slideshows with hundreds of templates, animated characters, video backgrounds and soundtracks.

Its beta version even allows you to import slides from PowerPoint and edit them to suit your needs. Create and edit videos, record narrations, add icons, shapes, infographics, whiteboards, and add a modern touch to your presentations. You can use the available templates to make a video, or you can build a presentation in PowerPoint and import it here. The software allows you to create up to 30 minutes of video.

3. Bite video presentation tool

Biteable is a professional-quality video presentation software that allows you to make an ideal video marketing presentation immediately. From animated graphics to live videos, form business meeting videos with stakeholders, invitations, promotions and advertisements. An excellent feature of this software is that it allows you to create animated video infographics, which are more interesting than simple images.

You can also use the eye-catching templates in SlideModel with 100% editable PowerPoint templates to form first-rate presentations, and then edit them in Biteable. Through a simple user interface, you can edit the font, size, color and trim material as needed to build an engaging video presentation. All videos in the software are in high-definition resolution and can be easily shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

4. Promotional video presentation tool

So far, Promo has created millions of marketing videos and is an award-winning video production tool that helps you make scrolling videos. Promo has produced high-performance marketing videos that will promote your small and large businesses. Promo provides a large number of pre-designed templates, you can choose from a variety of categories.

Choose from 23 million high-quality HD videos and images from Shutterstock, Getty, and other top partners in the visual catalog. The longest video that Promo allows you to make is 5 minutes. Perform square, horizontal, vertical or banner video presentations in full HD format. With this software, marketers can develop short video presentations for social media platforms to attract users and promote products.

5. PowerPoint video presentation tool

Microsoft PowerPoint is the first choice for business professionals to generate excellent presentations economically and easily. To create a video presentation, select shapes, images, animation effects for text and other graphic elements (such as graphics, tables, and 3D models). The presentations made with PowerPoint are saved as videos in mp4 or MOV files.

Choose the classic template that PowerPoint must provide to form a video slideshow. In addition, you can also choose a professional PowerPoint slide creator.Use SlideModel to download the slide design as a PowerPoint template or use it as Google Slides theme . Use marketing, business, strategy, SWOT, PESTLE, growth ladder and other templates to create outstanding eye-catching presentations on SlideModel and convert them into videos.

6. Focusky video presentation tool

As an easy-to-use interactive online platform, Focusky is perfect for everyone to create presentations and animated videos. You can download it for free as a Windows 10 desktop client. Its friendly user interface and drag and drop function will provide a perfect touch for your video presentation. Smooth transition 3D effects (such as zoom, translation and rotation) make your presentation vivid.

Visualize charts with 10 different styles, record screens, add self-recorded videos, and make slides full of vitality with more than 300 animation effects. With its grid function, content management and layout design are easy to use. Use its 9 publishing platforms to promote your brand to the world. Form a business-friendly presentation with different backgrounds, props and characters with Focusky.

Humans are visual creatures, and they obtain more information by watching instead of reading. When it comes to your business ideas, presentations are the best tool to attract audiences in a professional way. The video presentation has taken a step forward and laid a solid foundation for marketers and corporate professionals to connect with the audience. These 6 video presentation software will make your video presentation with high quality and high performance. Know your audience, brainstorm video content ideas, create compelling scripts, and invest in the best video presentation software.

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