The best software to make videos in Windows 10

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Many tools are suitable for video editing. But how to find a perfect person? This is a list of the 10 most functional tools for Windows 10.They are marked by a trusted technical magazine magnet.of course Adobe Is one of the most famous video editing tools, but if you are not a professional videographer, you may need affordable and easy-to-use tools, such as Movavi Even free apps on mobile phones. Read the article and choose the software that best suits your needs.

1. Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

The video editing tools provided by Adobe have a huge user base and are almost the backbone of all professional tool suites, which makes them very suitable for making videos on Windows 10.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 includes automation elements, such as a new mask selection tool applied through motion tracking, 21 fresh background music tracks, two new guided editing and GPU accelerated editing, these are the most powerful of them Software package.

Although it does contain most of the features and is cross-platform, in terms of the number of available tools, there are more powerful Windows-only products that make it stand out.

2. Magix Movie Edit Pro Professional Edition

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Magix movie editor has some of the most advanced effects and tools on the market, and it is a reliable product for those who are looking for video editing software for Windows 10.

The software provides 360 degree and 4K content. The 2021 version also saw new additions to the software, such as vertical video format, 8K editing, NewBlue Filters 5 effects and social media templates. As well as stability, motion tracking, action camera templates, beat-based editing and in-app plug-in storage.

For those who need professional editing, Magix’s most expensive product is their Video Pro software, which adds three-way color correction, broadcast-quality sound editing and four-point editing, as well as extensions to supported formats.

All versions provide a 30-day free trial version. However, you will find that each project can only output 3 minutes, and you are not authorized to use each tool.

3. Nero video

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Nero Video is a product built around ease of use and provides low-cost Windows 10 editing software to the market.

It can complete the work it intends to do, and for novice editors, makes the process easy and easy. You can get the material from any AVCHD compatible camera, as well as common formats, and has the amazing function of importing PowerPoint files!

Relying on the cutting-edge ease of use of its products, Nero provides two different editing options, namely “quick editing” and “advanced editing”, which make quick and simplified work very easy, which is for a complete novice very useful.

Exporting can be frustrating because it is not possible to upload directly to social media, and the only option is to save the audio/video to the drive first and then manually upload the video manually.

4. Movavi Video Editor 2021

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Movavi Video Editor is a stylish solution that focuses on functionality, overall design and smooth appearance.

You can import from a variety of media sources, or even import directly from the camera, and then record directly in the app. You can also import AVCHD media, so almost everyone should be satisfied with it.

Movavi also provides a large number of filters and conversions, allowing you to preview them by clicking their icons. Adding them is just as easy using drag and drop.

Professional content creators will also be happy to know that Movavi provides all the export options you expect, including MP4 and many other codecs, as well as uploading directly from the interface to Youtube, Google Drive or Vimeo.

Movavi offers a 7-day free trial period.

5. Filmora X

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One of the highlights of Filmora X is its motion tracking, which allows you to select moving objects in the video and add text, images, and even set other objects that follow the same motion.

The software also does a lot of work for audio editing functions. From the app, you can access free samples and royalty-free music, and then you can apply simple features such as audio avoidance (for example, the process of reducing the volume of the sound) and advanced audio mixing.​​​​

Export all the options you expect wisely, including uploading to social media platforms Youtube and Vinemo, and Facebook with custom sizes.

Filmora X does not provide a traditional free trial. Instead, you can access the entire suite. However, your work has a watermark, if you want to delete it, you need to subscribe to one of the software’s plans.

6. Las Vegas Film Studio

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Vegas Movie Studio can be regarded as a powerful force in its functions, but its ease of use is a complaint from many users about the software.

Vegas Movie Studio is not always the most user-friendly tool, but it can have a powerful arsenal, which includes various effects, transitions and plug-in functions, as well as advanced features such as color grading, slow motion, in-depth effects and editing tools And a customizable interface.

7. Corel Video Studio


Corel Video Studio is a popular choice among video editors, and it’s easy to understand why.

Its import function is very fast, you can directly import it from a network camera or other compatible cameras into the project, and you can also record the computer screen through the “capture” section.

Corel emphasizes usability. It has a novel feature that allows users to change its speed by directly changing its length.

You can select effects and transitions and preview them before use.

In terms of exporting your work, you can export it to a mobile device and save it to DVD or Blu-ray. Of course, you can also upload it directly to social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook.

Corel also provides a convenient 30-day trial period, so you can view these features for free.

8. CyberLink “PowerDirector”

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“PowerDirector” is one of the most acclaimed video editing software for Windows 10, and for good reason.

It combines the powerful functions and ease of use of professional editing, can inspire any novice, and wrap it all in the stylish interface you want to return every time.

The advantage of Power Director is that, like Adobe Cloud, new features are introduced to subscribers throughout the year, so the product will never be out of date.

The list of tools is almost endless. Its updates include motion tracking, a video selection tool similar to Videoshop, support for LUT filters, split tones, HDR effects, automatic audio avoidance and more!

The software provides a 30-day free trial period.

9. Lighting

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In fact, Lightworks is one of the only free tools that enable you to edit videos on Windows 10.

This free software solution has all the features expected by Windows 10 video makers, and even includes some innovative features, such as the ability to directly interact with clips and use innovative handles for editing, making it easy to change clips on the go.

The transitions and effects are controlled by the graphics section, allowing you to change the duration of the effect, which is a nice feature.

As a free software product, Lightworks does have some limitations, the main limitation is that you can only export to 720p. If you are looking for full HD quality, problems may arise. In other words, Lightworks still provides you with completely free and complete software, and if you plan to use the software for professional projects, you can upgrade it through a subscription or a one-time payment.

10. ShotCut

The best software to make videos in Windows 10

To complete our list, this is another free software product, which is also FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), with no restrictions on import, use or export.

ShotCut can import any format including 60fps+, and its features can help you make professional videos on Windows 10.

According to user feedback, ShotCut has basic hardware requirements and can run under the minimum specifications of Core 2 Duo 32-bit Windows 7 PC without crashing.

ShotCut does have some disadvantages. This interface is not the most user-friendly interface, although it does have full control over the export, but it has no presets, which means that novices may need to make some guesses to export their videos correctly. For those looking for professional editing software for Windows 10, another disadvantage may be the lack of speed improvements.

in conclusion

So far, we have listed the top editing software for Windows 10. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but the available options should mean that anyone who wants to make videos with Windows 10 should find something they like.

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