The latest free markdown editor Ghostwriter 2.1.0 has been released with new features

Ghostwriter, a free open source markdown text editor, has released version 2.1.0 with some new features. Here are the new features and how to install them on Ubuntu.

Ghostwriter A cross-platform, aesthetic and unobtrusive Markdown editor that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Includes live HTML preview, dark and light modes, focus mode, Hemingway mode, autosave, MathJax, and a cheat sheet (switched via F1) built into the sidebar in case you forget the markdown syntax doing.

With the release of v2.1.0, untitled documents will be automatically saved in the draft folder.[設定]Now provides a button to open that folder (in my case the user’s document folder).

It also loads the last opened file at boot time, while providing the option to turn this feature on and off. You can now view different statistics in the status bar at the bottom. By clicking on it, you can choose to display the number of words, letters, pages, sentences, paragraphs, or read time, write time, wpm, and more.

How to install the latest Ghostwriter 2.1.0 on Ubuntu:

In a text editor Official PPA So far, it supports Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 21.04. The Ubuntu 21.10 package has not been updated at this time, but check the link page.

1.) Add PPA.

Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the terminal. Once open, run the following command to add the PPA repository.

                      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wereturtle/ppa

When prompted, enter your user password (no asterisk feedback). Enter continue.

2.) Run the command in the terminal to update the system package cache. This runs automatically on Ubuntu 20.04 and above during the addition of the PPA, but may not run on some Ubuntu-based systems.

                      sudo apt update

3.) Finally, use the command to install the ghostwriter.

                      sudo apt install ghostwriter

Software team will also maintain Copr repository for Fedora 33/34/35 and rawhide users. Simply open a terminal and run the following commands one at a time to install the terminal. Fedora:

                      sudo dnf copr enable wereturtle/stable
                      sudo dnf install ghostwriter

Uninstall Ghostwriter.

To remove the markdown editor, open a terminal and run the command.

                      sudo apt remove --autoremove ghostwriter

and,[その他のソフトウェア]Of tabs[ソフトウェアとアップデート]Use the utility to remove Ubuntu PPA.

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