The official Evernote Linux application is available for download (beta)

Let me first tell you something about Evernote, In case you have never heard of it (which is weird because this is a very popular application). Evernote is an application for note taking, organization, task management and archiving. Using it, you can create notes with text, drawings, add photos, audio or web content. Each note can be marked, annotated, edited, searched, given attachments and exported. The application can be used for free with monthly usage restrictions (but not free open source software), or you can use a paid plan. Until recently, Evernote was still available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Did you know that Evernote has a private beta version of the application for Linux desktops?I haven’t, and I haven’t seen an announcement about this anywhere, but today I stumbled upon it it.As far as I found out, this seems to have been released at least 1 month.

So what does “private” mean? I’m just guessing here, but I think only some users have received an invitation to download the Evernote Beta app for Linux. That’s because I can log in with my free Evernote account without any problems. In addition, there is no link for Linux downloads anywhere on the Evernote website, except for the download page for the Linux Beta for Evernote.

Currently, the official Evernote for Linux application seems to be only available as a DEB package (for Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Pop!_OS and other Linux distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu). That’s because I also tried to download it on Fedora, and like on Ubuntu, DEB is provided for downloading. In other Linux distributions, I think you need to unzip this and manually install the files; also look for the list of dependencies in the debian/control file, and make sure that those dependencies are installed.

Are you looking for a free and open source Evernote encryption alternative? Look at Joplin.

Just like Windows and macOS v10 applications, the Linux Evernote application is built using Electron. In addition to the options specific to Evernote, the Linux version of Evernote also provides options for switching the sidebar, using light/dark mode, and an Evernote tray icon that only allows you to open quick notes (even if the entry is called “Open Evernote”), Evernote cannot be minimized to the tray, or any other options.

I can only tell you this now, because as I have already said, there is no information about this. Wait, I have one more thing to tell you. Download link. You can download the private beta version of Evernote for Linux using the button below (only the DEB package, at least for now).Or, if you are an Arch Linux/Manjaro user, please download from AUR.


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