The PDF manipulation tool PDF-Arranger has received a new user interface and is now available on Flathub

PDF organizer , The application for processing PDF files has been updated to version 1.5.0, with a new user interface and various other improvements. Moreover, the application is now available as a Flatpak package on Flathub.
PDF Arranger was originally a fork of PDF Shuffler, which is a GUI application that allows to merge, split, rotate and crop PDF documents. It can also be used to rearrange the pages in a PDF file and edit some basic PDF metadata information, such as title, creator, producer, and creator tools.
This Python3-GTK application is essentially the front end of pikepdf, and PyPDF2 is no longer supported in the latest version. It is suitable for Linux and Windows.

The latest PDF Arranger 1.5.0 comes with a new user interface that uses a title bar and symbol icons. The new title bar has buttons for opening PDF files, saving (and saving as) PDF, rotating left/right and zooming, as well as menu buttons for finding these files and other operations. There is also a new item on the title bar, which shows the total number of pages in the open PDF file.
PDF Arranger 1.5.0 also has some new features. One of them is the ability to drag and drop PDF pages from one PDF Arranger instance to another empty instance, which is useful for creating new PDF files from other PDF instances by using drag and drop.
This version also adds support for merging double-sided scanned documents. It is useful if you scan one side of all pages of the document as a PDF, and then scan the other side of the same page as another PDF document-you can use PDF Arranger to merge them and arrange the pages correctly.
Another new addition to the excellent PDF Arranger tool in this release is the cut/copy/paste operation. Therefore, you can now cut/copy selected PDF pages and easily paste them anywhere in the document (or in a new PDF Arranger instance, even if it is empty).
PDF Arranger 1.5 also includes:

  • Keep selection when dragging and dropping dragged pages
  • Improved cursor visibility and dnd delivery rejection
  • Drop support for pikepdf <1.7.0 and Gtk <3.12

Moreover, PDF Arranger is now available (I believe it has been used for about a week) Can be installed from Flathub . This can be easily installed in a large number of Linux distributions. For example, I can no longer update PDF Arranger in Linux Uprising Apps PPA for versions before 20.04, because it requires pikepdf 1.7.0 or higher, which is not available in earlier Ubuntu versions. But this is not a problem, if you use the Flatpak package, you can also install PDF Arranger 1.5.0 regardless of which Ubuntu version you are using (obviously, on other Linux distributions).
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Download PDF arranger

PDF Arranger is suitable for Linux and Windows.
The application is available from the repositories of many Linux distributions, including Arch Linux, Manjaro, Debian /Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. However, it has not been updated to the latest version 1.5.0 at most (it has been updated in Arch Linux, Manjaro Unstable and Parabola).
You can use PDF Arranger to install the latest version on many Linux distributions. Flathub bag . you need to Set up Flatpak and Flathub (One time processing), then you can install PDF Arranger using the following command:

                        flatpak install flathub com.github.jeromerobert.pdfarranger

I also updated Linux Uprising App PPA PDF Arranger 1.5.0 for Ubuntu 20.04 (depending on pikepdf 1.7.0 or higher, not available in older Ubuntu versions).


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