The version preview of Windows 11 has appeared, but is it worth it?

Windows 11 has received a steady string of updates for Windows Insiders on the Dev and Beta channels. Now an almost definitive version of the operating system is available on the Release Preview channel. That means you can get a version of Windows 11 that does close to what we’ll see on October 5th.

However, we are less than two weeks away from the final Windows 11 release. If you haven’t tested the operating system’s preview builds in so long, you’d better wait for the final release as it will receive some more minor fixes and tweaks to make it more pleasant to use.

Of course, you would like to do without Windows 11 completely, as Windows 10 will be supported for another four years, but that is your decision. There are plenty of new features in Windows 11 that make upgrading a compelling option, but Windows 10’s stability and convenience aren’t bad either.

If you choose to install this version of Windows 11 Preview, download the now newly released. down PC health app to check if your PC is compatible. From there you need to log in as a Windows Insider. Next, follow the process to install Windows 11.

After you finish the installation, you can go to Settings on your Windows 11 PC, go to Windows Update, and click “Stop Stop Preview Builds” to stay on the stable Windows 11 release channel.

Again, it’s better to just wait at this point because that’s how we are close until the final release date. But when your impatience gets the best of you, the process is simple enough.

How to switch between Dev and Beta channels on Windows 11

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