This is how Apple’s Photo Styles work on the iPhone

With the introduction of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, Apple is introducing a new camera app feature called “Photo Styles”. This is an effective way of making changes in real time, but it’s more than just adjusting a few parameters.

More than just a filter

Photographic styles can be incorporated right into Apple’s image processing pipeline, which means the function is not the same as applying a filter or tweaking a photo later in the editing process.

Instead, a style can be selected before shooting to enhance certain features of the scene. as example, Two of Apple’s four standard styles are “Rich Contrast”, which highlights darker details, and “Vivid” for bright colors.

You may think that adding contrast or tweaking saturation is already possible in post production, and you are right. The difference to Photographic Styles is that these adjustments are taken into account in the image processing pipeline. This means that, unlike a filter, the adjustments are made intelligently, adjusting different parts of the image accordingly.

This allows key elements in an image, such as skin tones, to be preserved while enhancing other areas (such as a sunset or a flower). This can be tricky when applying filters or making post-capture adjustments that affect the image as a whole.

Photographic styles can also be customized

Apple leaves some leeway to further customize its standard styles, such as: B. Add warmth or change the “tone” for a slightly different look. It’s not yet clear whether Apple will allow iPhone owners to add or define their own styles.

It will be interesting to see how Apple expands photo styles in future updates as the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro mature. In the past, the company has revamped features and added new ones in incremental and large iOS updates, including night mode dark mode and new Animoji characters.

Photographic styles are just part of Apple’s camera overhaul that will be introduced with the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models. Further improvements include new lenses and more sensitive sensors, the cinematic mode for smooth focus pulls and image stabilization, as well as ProRes support for the Pro models.

Do more with your iPhone camera

The iPhone has one of the best camera systems of any smartphone, whether you have a Pro model or not. Features like night mode use software to improve dark exposure while ProRAW unlocks the maximum potential of the iPhone sensor.

Are you looking for some basic tips to get better shots? Check out our guide to taking better photos with your iPhone.

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