This is how you can tell when Android apps are secretly accessing your camera or microphone

As with previous versions of Android, Google is making privacy a key focus area in Android 12. To that end, Google introduced three major privacy features – a new privacy dashboard, an option to hide your exact location, and privacy indicators.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get the Android 12 privacy indicators on your current Android device.

Android 12 privacy indicators

Among the many new features in Android 12, the camera and microphone access indicators are a subtle but extremely useful feature. When an app on Android 12 tries to access the device’s camera or microphone, you will immediately see an indicator in the upper right corner of the status bar.

They are similar to a feature introduced in iOS 14.

This will help you identify the Android apps that are trying to access the camera or microphone without your consent.

At the time of this writing, Android 12 is at the beta Level and only a handful of devices can install the Android 12 beta.

If your device is not compatible with Android 12. heard beta Device List, Access Dots is a great alternative to get camera and microphone access indicators without upgrading.

Get the Android 12 camera and microphone access indicators on your current device

Download access points, a free app from the Play Store.

Open the app and activate the switch for the access points. This action will automatically take you to the Android accessibility settings. Now enable Access Dots to run as an accessibility service.

You will now notice colored dots at the top of the screen when the camera or microphone is in use. If you toggle the location access point in the app settings, you will also see a dot if an app is using your location.

Unlike the privacy indicators in Android 12, you can change the color of the camera and microphone access indicators in Access Dots. You can also change the size and position of the points.

Access Dots also tracks apps that have used the device’s camera, microphone, or location. On the app’s home page, tap the History Clock button in the lower right corner to view the access log.

The repetitive ads can get annoying, but overall, Access Dots is a fantastic solution if you want those Android 12 privacy indicators on your current smartphone. The app can be installed on any device with Android 7.0 and higher.

Download: Access points (Free in-app purchases available)

Block apps from using your camera or microphone

Among the millions of apps in the Google Play Store, there will always be a few malicious people trying to unintentionally gain access to the camera app or microphone.

The Access Dots app will help avoid this, or Android 12 if it’s available on your device.

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