This new Linux gaming laptop has the specs to run it all

Linux and gaming have been coming together more and more recently. The Steam Deck is out and about with Linux installed and Juno just got a new Linux gaming laptop called it. announced Neptune 17th with specifications that can easily compete with many Windows models.

Since this is a high-end gaming PC, it comes with a lot of power and you can customize it to add a little more power if you need to. You can choose between an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080. Both will handle most games, but of course you’re limited by the games offered on Linux.

Despite the high-end graphics card, the display is an FHD panel, so you won’t get anywhere near 4K gaming.

In terms of memory, you can only get 16GB and up to 64GB. You can grab a small 256GB model for your SSD if you want to keep the price a little low, but you can get a 2TB SSD if you want to get bigger.

Of course, you’re limited to the games available on Linux. While the list of games is growing it is still limited compared to Windows, so this should definitely be kept in mind.

The laptop starts at $ 2,225, so it’s also available at a price that can keep up Windows gaming laptops . If you decide to maximize the specs, check out a price tag of $ 3,372 which is sure to weigh on your wallet. With the specs maxed out, this definitely looks like one of the best Linux laptops out there.

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