Three things you need to know about slot game development

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Compared with 30 years ago, slot machines are becoming more and more digital, and there are fewer and fewer mechanical and analog computers. Virtual slots provide the same excitement and excitement as mechanical slots, but are more flashy, colorful, and capable of multiple levels and themes. Although the principles of slots are simple, they are not developed. Let’s take a look at this process.

Key elements of slot machine development

Since modern slot machines are played on video screens, their development usually mirrors any other video games. The creative process and creation of assets used as game blocks or tiles must pass through the art department before they can appear on the screen.

Slot game development Online slot Involve many different people in different positions working together. Although not all slots are the same, some elements are necessary, such as art, machinery, and software.

Slot Machine Art

Graphic artists will spend time creating graphics, the sole purpose of which is to stimulate the interest of players. Slot machines are usually very bright and use a variety of colors to attract attention. It is normal for each title to have a theme, so images, scrolls, symbols and messages will all fit together to fit the theme. For example, the space theme will use spaceships and aliens.

Sometimes, the artwork is not drawn by hand, but made entirely by hand 3D program. As the process continues in both cases, the concept art eventually becomes a wireframe and then a complete design. Most slots have 4-5 spinning wheels, so the artist must design symbols and backgrounds to accompany them.


Every game has its own mechanics, but many people think that the mechanics of slot machines are not more complicated than matching symbols. However, this is not always the case. Casino slot machines are more and more like video games with multiple levels and sequences, which are activated when certain requirements are met.

During the development process, keep the mechanisms in mind, because they need the correct software and graphics to execute the mechanisms correctly. For example, if you need to match 5 jackpot symbols to activate a mini game, these symbols must flash and change to the next frame to accommodate the new mini game.

Psychology plays an important role in the mechanics of slot machines, because the intention of the developers is to make you play a bigger role. In order to keep users in the game, the experience must not only be flashy, but also meaningful. This can be done by making the interface easy to use, convenient and fun. There needs to be a winning model.


To make great games, you need great software. Most importantly, you also need to understand some programming languages ​​to perform software operations. Many online games with limited functionality will use HTML5 and Javascript, while more complex companies will use C++, C# and Lua. Mobile games favor Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin and Java.

No matter which programming language you use, you need an engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine to simplify the process. Finally, slot game developers will use Corona and Fusion on mobile devices, and Construct 3 and Phaser on the web. To solve this problem, you need a programming language, engine, and software to start creating assets for the game.

If you are looking for someone who can create slot games for your company, then unless you have internal talent, you usually have to hire developers from another company. Countless studios provide casino development services. The names remain the same, such as Konami, NetEnt and RTG are widely popular in the industry.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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