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Quiet Audio Fade Hearing Protector Application

Quiet Audio Fade or Quiet AF is a free open source system tray application for Linux and Windows that allows you to gradually turn down your computer system over time to find the quietest working volume level. It’s a really great concept and will probably save our hearing. When you turn up the computer volume,… read more »

Myxer Volume Mixer for PulseAudio

Myxer is a free open source volume mixer for PulseAudio and Linux systems. It is written in Rust and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Myxer allows you to manage device, stream, and card profiles. It also supports configuring the PulseAudio panel plug-in to open Myxer. It also comes with an option to… read more »

How to Install MusE on Ubuntu – Digital Audio Workstation

MusE is a free open source audio and MIDI sequencer for Linux. You can use this software as a digital audio workstation. It also comes with real-time recording and editing features. It’s a feature-rich multitrack virtual studio for your system, with audio inputs, audio outputs, wave tracks, group tracks, and aux outputs. Supports ACK-audio, JACK-midi,… read more »

How to install SubMix on Ubuntu – Free Multitrack Audio Editor

SubMix is ​​a free Audio Editor for Windows, MacOS and Linux.It is simple and easy to use multitrack audio editor with unlimited number of stereo tracks.It supports mp3 and wav file formats to import and export your audio project.You can record your voice directly in SubMix. It provides cut, move, copy, paste, delete, trim controls… read more »

Display media file information on Linux using MediaInfo

MediaInfo Free open source program used to display media file information on Linux, BSD, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. It can also be used on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Displays complete technical information and tag information for audio and video files. Integrates easily with other programs. Mediainfo has both a command line… read more »