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Qutebrowser keyboard driven web browser

QuteBrowser is a free open source keyboard based vim like web browser for Linux, MacOS and Windows. It comes with a minimal GUI and uses PDF. Js for displaying PDF files. It is released under the GPL license under the Python and PyQt5. A privacy-focused DuckDuckGo search engine is included by default, allowing you to… read more »

Viper Browser Qt5-based lightweight web browser

Viper Browser is a free, open source, lightweight, privacy-focused web browser for Linux. It is based on the Qt framework and is released under the GPLv3 license. This is a new project and is still under active development. Comes with built-in ad blocking with Easylist, Easy Privacy, uBlock Filter and AdBlock Plus Filter. You can… read more »

How to install Dissenter Browser on Ubuntu

Dissenter is a free web browser created by Gab for Windows, Linux and macOS. Gab is Alttech’s social media site. The Dissenter web browser is based on the popular open source browser Brave with the Dissenter extension installed. This extension allows you to comment on any URL and anyone with the Dissenter extension installed can… read more »

How to install Microsoft Edge for Linux on Ubuntu

Microsoft has announced that Edge is now available for download on Linux. Currently available in the Edge Dev channel version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. It currently supports Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE Linux distributions. You can now download and install it from the Microsoft Edge Insider website. It will soon be available on… read more »

How to install Opera browser on Ubuntu

Opera is a free chrome-based web browser provided by Opera software for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. It comes with some interesting features such as built-in VPN, ad blocker, crypto wallet, battery saver, and workspace features. Some other features are search pop-ups, video pop-outs, personal news. Easy to install on Ubuntu OS. In this… read more »

Basilisk XUL-based Firefox Fork – How to install Basilisk Browser on Ubuntu

Basilisk is a XUL-based free and Open Source Firefox fork for Windows and Linux.It is created by the developer of the Pale Moon browser.It supports JavaScript’s ECMAscript 6 standard, legacy NPAPI plugins, XUL/Overlay Mozilla-style extensions, ALSA on Linux, WebAssembly (WASM), advanced Graphite font shaping, modern web cryptography.It is based on the Gecko fork Goanna rendering… read more »

How to install Pale Moon Browser on Ubuntu

Pale Moon is a free open source browser for Windows and Linux. It is a fork of the popular browser Firefox. Pale Moon currently uses the open source goanna browser engine, which is also a fork of Mozilla’s Gecko browser engine. It supports legacy Firefox XUL, XPCOM, and NPAPI extensions, and also comes with Pale… read more »

Install NCSA Mosaic on Ubuntu – First Graphical Web Browser

Yes, it is. You can easily install NCSA Mosaic on Ubuntu via snap. For those who don’t know Mosaic, NCS Mosaic (1993-1997) was one of the first graphical web browsers to display images inline with text and was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Supports Archie, FTP, gopher, HTTP, NNTP, telnet, WAIS internet… read more »

How to install Beaker Browser on Ubuntu

Beaker is a free, open source, experimental peer-to-peer web browser for Linux, macOS and Windows. Released under the MIT license. Transfers files and websites using the Dat peer-to-peer protocol. dat: // Seeds or re-uploads the file when you visit the website. The beaker also has a seed menu option in the address bar. A beaker… read more »