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How to install Java on CentOS 8

How to install Java on CentOS 8 Java is a free, open source and one of the most popular programming languages ​​specifically designed for the distributed environment of the Internet. There are two different implementations of Java, Oracle Java and OpenJDK. Oracle Java has some other commercial features, and OpenJDK is an open source implementation… read more »

How to install PHP Composer on CentOS 8

In today’s guide, we will discuss how to install PHP Composer on a CentOS 8 Linux computer. Composer is a PHP application package manager designed to provide a standard format for managing PHP software and required library dependencies. This tool is useful when developers want to manage external packages and integrate them into their PHP… read more »

How to use a picture in picture mode in Google Chrome

Picture-in-picture is often shortened, since PiP is a convenient way to view videos in a floating window outside the browser window or on top of any other application. This allows you to work and interact with other applications while maintaining the ability to watch videos. Picture-in-Picture mode works on all platforms, such as Windows, Linux,… read more »

CentOS 7 vs CentOS 8-Feature Comparison

Introduction When CentOS 8 is officially released in the second half of this year (2019), it is likely that many people want to know what will happen to CentOS 7 significantly. distributed. Let’s unravel this mystery and continue to see if the release of CentOS 8 is worth it. Remember that CentOS 7 was the… read more »

How to install Vagrant on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8

How to install Vagrant on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8 Linux system? Vagrant is a command line tool that lets you create and configure a portable and reproducible development environment and demonstration lab. This product was developed by HashiCorp. With Vagrant, you can set up a development environment on various virtualization platforms / providers (such… read more »