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How to configure DokuWiki OpenLDAP authentication

I have an OpenLDAP server for central authentication. How to configure DokuWiki to enable authentication to the OpenLDAP server. In this guide, we will learn how to configure DokuWiki for OpenLDAP authentication. Configure DokuWiki OpenLDAP authentication Before proceeding, make sure that the OpenLDAP server and DokuWiki are installed. Follow the guide below to learn how… read more »

Install DokuWiki on CentOS 8

In this demo, we will learn how to install DokuWiki on a CentOS 8 server. DokuWiki Is open source software written in PHP that allows users to create and edit pages using a web browser. It works for plain text and does not require a database. Read about the features provided by DokuWiki, see DokuWiki… read more »