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How to install Snapd and Snap Store on Fedora

Snappy is a package management system for snap packages and is a tool for managing installed snaps called snapd. Written by Go and c, and developed by Canonical. Snap packages are updated automatically and are cross-platform and have no dependencies. Currently Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Elementary OS, Fedora, Kali Linux, Linux Mint, Manjaro Linux, Pop!… read more »

How to install Node.js and npm using NVM on Ubuntu and Fedora

Node.js is a free, open source JavaScript runtime environment. You can use it to run or run JavaScript code outside a web browser and run it as a standalone application. Npm (Node Package Manager) is the default package manager for Node.js and the online database of packages. NVM – Node Version Manager makes it easy… read more »

How to install & Configure OpenLiteSpeed, php & MySQL on Fedora

In this tutorial we are going to install and configure OpenLiteSpeed ​​web server, PHP and MySQL database server on Fedora.OpenLiteSpeed ​​is a free and open source version of the LiteSpeed ​​web server.This is a one of the best Apache web server alternative.It comes with apache rewrite rules support, GUI admin control panel and built-in cache… read more »

How to install GDM, SDDM, LightDM Display Manager on Fedora

Display Manager is a graphical login manager or greeter that initiates a login session and display server upon successful entry of a valid username and password. Fedora gnome comes with a GDM display manager. Fedora such as Fedora Kde, Fedora XFCE, and Mate using SDDM have LightDM Display Manager. If you don’t like your current… read more »

Yum Extender – Graphical front-end tool for YUM / DNF

Yam extender, Also known as YumexIs a graphical front end for the Yum / DNF package manager. A simple yet fully functional graphical user interface makes the process of installing, removing, upgrading, and updating packages much easier. Yumex Python Programming language. If you don’t like how to manage packages from the command line, YUM Extender… read more »