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How to change the Swappiness of a Linux system

What is Swappiness? Most Linux users who have previously installed a distribution must notice the presence of “swap space” during the partitioning phase (usually found in / sda5). This is a dedicated space in the hard drive, which is usually set to at least twice the amount of RAM and together with it constitutes the… read more »

How to install AnyDesk on Fedora 31/30/29

AnyDesk is my favorite proprietary remote desktop application for connecting to remote Linux and Window computers. AnyDesk provides smooth, seamless remote access to your computer through the WAN. In this article, we will install AnyDesk on a Fedora 31/30/29 desktop. Similar: Install TeamViewer on Fedora Features of AnyDesk Real-time collaboration: Easy collaboration and communication Highly… read more »

How to search for files in terminal on Linux

How to search for files in terminal on Linux Although there are many ways to search and locate files and directories on Linux, the easiest and fastest method is probably through the terminal. However, few Linux users are aware of this, which can lead to unnecessary frustration. This is a quick guide, hope to help… read more »

How to upgrade from Fedora 30 to Fedora 31

Fedora 31 has been released and can now be installed on desktops and servers. The question is how to upgrade Fedora 30 to Fedora 31? To enjoy the latest features available in Fedora 31, an upgrade or fresh installation is required. Most people prefer to use Fedora 30 to Fedora 31 on a workstation while… read more »