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View Photos with XnView MP Edit and Manage – Install XnView MP on Ubuntu

XnView MP is a free photo viewer, image management and image resizer application for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This application can be used as freeware for private, educational, and non-commercial purposes, but you must purchase a license for commercial use. It supports over 500 image formats including PEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, WEBP, PSD, JPEG2000, OpenEXR,… read more »

How to install imgViewON on Ubuntu – Distraction Free Image Viewer

ImgViewON is a free and open source image viewer for Linux, MacOS and Windows.Using this image viewer you can view your images without any border, editing options and completely distraction free.It is released under MIT license.It comes with invisible resize bars at bottom, right, bottom-right of the displayed image.Using this you can change image window… read more »