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Thief MD Markdown Editor and File Manager for Linux

ThiefMD is a free open source Markdown editor and file manager application for Linux systems. It is inspired by Ulysses and is based on the Quilter project. It is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. You can export markdown files to PDF, ePub, docx, WriteFreely, Ghost, WordPress and many other file formats. It… read more »

Apostrophe Markdown Editor for Linux

Apostrophes are a free open source Markdown editor for Linux. It’s a distraction GTK + base with a minimal clean UIMarkdown editor. Comes with an in-line preview feature. This feature automatically formats the markdown command and exports it to the appropriate lock document. Other important features include popover previews of images, links, footnotes, and equations… read more »

Knowledge base software to take notes of obsidian

Obsidian is a free Markdown editor for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. You can use Obsidian as a note-taking and knowledge base application. It is free for personal use and does not require registration. All data is stored on your local system in plain text markdown files. However, you can sync that file with Dropbox. You… read more »

Marktext-Distractions Markdown Editor

Mark Text is a free open source markdown editor for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. A simple, unobtrusive, easy-to-use editor with some powerful features. The main goals of this markdown editor are speed and ease of use. Released under the MIT license. Comes with real-time preview WYSIWYG editor, light and dark theme support, GFM table… read more »

Zettlr Markdown Editor – How to install Zettlr on Ubuntu

Zettlr is a free, open source, powerful markdown editor for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It comes with a reference manager integration with Zotero, JabRef, or Juris-MUsing, four built-in themes, and dark mode support. Some other main features are the support for hashtags by Tag Manager, which allows you to assign colors to tags, heatmap search,… read more »