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Grand Orgue Virtual Pipe Organ Music Simulator

GrandOrgue is a free open source sample-based pipe organ simulator for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Connected to a MIDI keyboard and audio system, Grand Orgue can simulate the sound of a real pipe organ in your system. It supports HW1 compatible file formats and can play sample sets. Released under the open source GNU General… read more »

Hydrogen advanced drum machine

Hydrogen is a free open source advanced drum machine for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It allows you to do professional pattern-based drum programming. It comes with a stereo audio engine and imports wav, au, and aiff format sound samples. You can also use a sample compressed FLAC file. It is released under the GNU… read more »

Frescobaldi LilyPond Music Editor

Frescobaldi is a free open source LilyPond sheet music music editor for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. It is released under the General Public License Agreement. Frescobaldi is a powerful editor with syntax highlighting and auto-completion. Comes with Music View, Point & Click, Midi Player, Midi Capture for entering music, Snippet Manager, Score Wizard. Here… read more »

How to install Musique Music Player on Ubuntu

Musique is a free music player for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is a simple and easy to use user interface music player application. You can browse the collection by artist photos and album covers. It has a function to find and display the lyrics of a song in the information view. It also hides… read more »