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Create Virtual CD And DVD Drives Using CDEmu On Linux

CDEmu is a software suite used to emulate optical CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives on Unix-like systems.Using CDEmu, we can easily mount various disk image formats, such as BIN, CUE, ISO, IMG, MDF and NRG etc., in Linux without having to write them in physical media.This can be helpful for playing certain types of Games which… read more »

How to securely install packages using Npm or Yarn on Linux

[*]Imagine this scenario. Install the application on a Linux box. Packages are in the early stages of development and are only available in the NPM repository. You are a bit paranoid and skeptical about the authenticity of the package. what would you do? If you are a programmer, you can check the code in the… read more »

Display media file information on Linux using MediaInfo

MediaInfo Free open source program used to display media file information on Linux, BSD, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. It can also be used on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Displays complete technical information and tag information for audio and video files. Integrates easily with other programs. Mediainfo has both a command line… read more »

Fkill-interactively search for processes on Linux and kill them

killMeans, FAmazing To killIs a cross-platform command-line utility that interactively searches and kills multiple processes at once. Usually I use Top command Or “Ps -ef | grep “ Or “Pidov “ Find the process id and kill it with command “Kill-9 “. I don’t know you, but this is what I was doing until I… read more »

Install Rust programming language on Linux

rust Or RustyIs a modern and fast cross-platform open source system programming language with a high level of abstraction to satisfy what comes from C # and Java, designed to replace C / C ++ is. Many features, including zero-cost abstraction, movement semantics, guaranteed memory safety, threads with no data races, feature-based generics, pattern matching,… read more »

Viewing network bandwidth usage using the Bandwhich tool

Bandwhich,Previously whatIs a command line, open source utility that displays network bandwidth usage by process, connection, remote IP or hostname. Sniff the specified network interface card, record the IP packet size, and finally cross-reference. / proc File system on Linux system or lsof Mac OS commands. Written in rust A programming language that supports Linux… read more »

Popsicles – create multiple bootable USB drives at once

Creating a bootable USB on Linux is easy! I have already shared some guides on this topic. Create a bootable USB device using dd command, Etcher, Bootiso, Multi CD And Muksub. As far as I have tested, Etcher can flash multiple USB devices at once. Today we have another USB bootable device creator Ice lolly…. read more »

How to display process information using Procs on Linux

Procs A command line utility that displays information about active and running processes. Same as traditional PS command However, there are some additional features. Known as the latest alternative to the Ps command. Procs is written in rust A programming language and cross-platform. As of this writing, Procs fully supports Linux. Mac OS and Windows… read more »