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Set up LDAP self-service password tool on CentOS 8

This guide will guide you through the setup steps LDAP Self-Service Password Tool On CentOS 8. If you let users authenticate through an LDAP directory, they may want to be able to reset their passwords themselves. The self-service password tool is a PHP application that provides you with this feature. It supports many LDAPv3 directories,… read more »

Install phpLDAPadmin on CentOS 8

In this guide, we are going to learn how to install phpLDAPadmin on CentOS 8. phpLDAPadmin is web application written in PHP for administering LDAP and thus it comes in very handy for system administrators who are gui centric. With it, you can administer LDAP via the browser. Before you can proceed, learn how to… read more »

How to configure SUDO via OpenLDAP server

Well, in this guide, we will demonstrate how to configure SUDO through OpenLDAP Server. In addition to being able to provide sudo permissions on the local system, sudo can also be configured via LDAP. Providing SUDO through OpenLDAP eliminates the need to provide users with sudo privileges through the local system sudoers file. How to… read more »