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How to fix Rust error “ linker ‘cc’ not found ” on Linux

Today I was testing a network bandwidth utilization tool called Bandwhich On my Ubuntu VM. The tool is Rust programming languageAnd so I tried to install using it cargo Package manager. The following error occurred during the compilation process: Updating index Installing bandwhich v0.6.0 Compiling libc v0.2.66 error: linker `cc` not found | =… read more »

Install Rust programming language on Linux

rust Or RustyIs a modern and fast cross-platform open source system programming language with a high level of abstraction to satisfy what comes from C # and Java, designed to replace C / C ++ is. Many features, including zero-cost abstraction, movement semantics, guaranteed memory safety, threads with no data races, feature-based generics, pattern matching,… read more »