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Iotop Disk I / O Monitoring Tool for Linux

Iotop is a free open source disk I / O monitoring command line system administrator utility for Linux. You can use this tool to track specific processes that can cause high disk I / O reads / writes. This is to provide an option to monitor Linux disk I / O usage details. It is… read more »

Sensor system temperature monitor with graph

Psensor is a free open source system temperature monitoring application for Linux. With Psensor you can monitor motherboard, CPU, NVidia, ATI / AMD GPU, hard disk drive temperature, fan speed and CPU utilization details. A simple and easy-to-use tool. You can open it in a new window or view all the details from the app… read more »

Beautiful Terminal Resource Monitor-How to install BpyTOP on Ubuntu

Bpytop is a free open source command line based resource monitor for Linux, MacOS, and FreeBSD. You can use it to monitor your system and view processor, disk, memory, network, and process usage and statistics. This is actually the Python port for the popular resource monitor bashtop. It comes with an easy-to-use menu, responsive key… read more »

Sysmon Linux System Activity Monitor – Install Sysmon on Ubuntu

Sysmon is a free open source GUI-based Linux system activity monitoring application for Linux. You can use it to monitor system process, CPU, memory, network, disk (HDD and SDD), and GPU details. The UI looks like Windows Task Manager. You can check the CPU details for each core clock speed. It is released under the… read more »

How to install vnstat network traffic monitoring tool on Ubuntu

vnstat is a free and open source network traffic bandwidth monitoring tool for Linux and BSD. Released under the GPLv2 license. It uses the kernel as a source of information and lightly uses system resources. Traffic details are basically available in 5 minutes, hourly, daily, monthly, weekly, yearly, first day. You can also get live… read more »

How to install Bashtop on Ubuntu – Terminal Resource Monitor

Bashtop is a free open source resource monitor for Linux. You can use it to monitor your system and view processor, network, process, memory, and disk usage and statistics. It comes with easy-to-use menus and responsive key selection. You can filter processes and scale your UI with bashtop. It also supports SIGTERM, SIGKILL and SIGINT…. read more »

How to Install Glance on Ubuntu – System Monitoring Tool

Glances is a free open source system monitoring tool for Linux, BSD, Mac OS and Windows. Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 license and written in Python. CPU usage, memory details, system load, complete process list, all network interfaces, IRQ, RAID and disk I / O information, available sensors, system file system… read more »