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Planner Task Manager and Todo Application

Planner is a free open source task manager and todo application for Linux. A simple and beautiful task manager. With this app you can add tasks by due date, which will remind you on that day. You can also organize them as tasks in projects and sections. Other features include drag-and-order support, project progress indicators,… read more »

Sophisticated todo manager based on todo.txt

Sleek is a free open source todo manager based on. todo.txt For Linux, MacOS, Windows. Released under the open source MIt license. You can create a new todo.txt text file or import todo from an existing todo.txt file. You can mark a task as complete and show or hide the task. Some other features are… read more »

Purple Task To Do App – How to install Purple Task on Ubuntu

Purple Task is a free, open source and simple task management application for Linux. A great looking offline app based on Flutter. This is still in its infancy and has limited functionality. Purple Task stores your data on your system and you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use this app. You… read more »

How to install OpenTodoList on Ubuntu – Note, Todo & Image

OpenTodoList is a free and open source note-taking and to-do list software for Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. You can use it to create and manage to-do lists, take notes, and add images to your notes. It comes with two storage options, local and cloud. If you want to sync your tasks and notes,… read more »