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Quiet Audio Fade Hearing Protector Application

Quiet Audio Fade or Quiet AF is a free open source system tray application for Linux and Windows that allows you to gradually turn down your computer system over time to find the quietest working volume level. It’s a really great concept and will probably save our hearing. When you turn up the computer volume,… read more »

Wike Wikipedia Reader for desktop

Wike is a free open source Wikipedia desktop reader for Linux. It is written in Python and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Wike gives you access to all Wikipedia content in your native desktop application. This desktop reader allows you to bookmark your favorite articles and supports multiple languages. It also has… read more »

The latest Srain GTK-based IRC client software

Srain is a free open source IRC client software for Linux, Windows, macOS, and BSD. Comes with RFCs 1459 and 2812 compatible with partial IRCv3 support. Here you can forward messages, view URL previews, view command support and do anything with just one click. Other features include a connection panel, interactive channel search, desktop notification… read more »

Myxer Volume Mixer for PulseAudio

Myxer is a free open source volume mixer for PulseAudio and Linux systems. It is written in Rust and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Myxer allows you to manage device, stream, and card profiles. It also supports configuring the PulseAudio panel plug-in to open Myxer. It also comes with an option to… read more »

cpufetch CPU architecture fetch application

cpufetch is a free open source command line CPU architecture fetch tool for Linux, MacOS, Android, and Windows. With cpufetch, you can get semiconductor technology in nanometers, maximum frequency, number of cores and threads, AVX, FMA, L1, L2, L3 cache sizes, and peak performance details. This is similar to the Neofetch tool. You also have… read more »

Seconoid 8-bit flick screen twin stick shooter

Cecconoid CC is a free open source 8-bit flick screen twin stick shooter for Linux and Windows. Released under a Creative Commons license, it is available as a snap package for Linux. This Creative Commons version is a DRM-free version of commercial Cecconoid. The commercial version of this game is Steam store.. In this game… read more »

How to install Converter NOW Unit Converter on Ubuntu Linux

Converter NOW is a free open source unit and currency converter for Linux, Android, and the web. Use this app to add length, area, volume, time, temperature, speed, mass, force, pressure, energy, power, fuel consumption, numerical system, torque, digital data, shoe size, angle, SI prefix Can be converted. Provides real-time conversion function. Simply enter the… read more »

Nightfall hacker turn-based strategy game

Nightfall Hacker is a turn-based 2D hacking strategy game for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. In this game you are a white hat hacker and your job is to accept the given hacking job, fight malicious malicious software and win all available hacking fights. This game is built using the Godot game engine. You can… read more »

TradeSim Linux Trading Simulator Application

TradeSim is a free open source trading simulator for Linux systems. You can use it to test your trading strategy and create trading reports in your system. It helps you learn and develop new trading skills. This is a new application and is still under active development. You can simulate a transaction by importing a… read more »

Haruna Video Player for Linux

Haruna is a free open source video player for Linux. Released under the GPL-3.0 or later license, it is built with Qt / QML and libmpv. Allows you to play offline and online files on your system. Supports youtubedl for online playback. Mouse over to switch playlists, the playlist overlays the video, and automatically skips… read more »