To-do item “Go for It!” with built-in timer updated with Pomodoro timer, configurable shortcut

Go! The productivity app has been updated to version 1.8.0. The new version adds Pomodoro timer mode, configurable keyboard shortcuts, options for recording the time spent on work to the todo.txt file and more functions. Is a Gtk tool, which includes a to-do list and a timer. It uses Todo.txt Both desktop and mobile devices have formats supported by a large number of applications; Todo.txt is a popular to-do list format in which data is stored in plain text files. The application is available for Windows and Linux.
The most important change in the latest Go It It! 1.8.0 is a new option to change the timer mode. The interval time or interval time does not need to be the same anymore-you can now set the timer mode to “simple”, Pomodoro , Or use a custom schedule.

This can be done by opening the application settings. On the “Behavior” tab, you will find a new timer mode drop-down menu, where you can choose Simple, Pomodoro or Custom.
In addition, the latest Go For It has other improvements! 1.8.0:

  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • New option to record the time spent on tasks (using a timer) to the todo.txt file
  • Changing the system clock or suspending the system will no longer affect the timer
  • You can tell it now! How long should a task be added by duration:Xh-Ym Content in the task description (e.g. duration:5m 5-minute task) to notify you when you exceed the duration
  • Go! Now use the alarm clock icon to highlight the task you are currently working on
  • Added an option to add a new task at the beginning of each list instead of appending it to the end
  • Add to --list with --load Display the configured list and load the parameters of the specified list separately
  • Experimental: You can now log your activities into a csv file by launching Go For It! versus --logfile

It is worth mentioning that! By default, the basic theme without title bar is used by default. The first time it is run on a desktop that supports title bars (such as GNOME), this will result in a weird-looking application window. This setting can be changed in the application settings (“Appearance” tab)-from here it can be set to use the title bar and inherit the GTK theme instead of using Elementary. You need to restart the application after changing the appearance.
To start using Go For It, click Add list The button at the bottom of the application window. After this is done, you will be asked to select the Todo.txt folder (the application will save the to-do file in it), enter the list name and some other settings: Keep working on new todo.txt

After adding a new to-do list, double-click it and you will enter a new view that can be used to add new tasks: Try hard todo.txt

In the toolbar, you will find a tab that allows you to switch to the timer and view completed tasks.

Download Go It It!

The application can run on Windows and Linux.
For Linux, come on! Available in Elementary OS AppCenter, PPA for Ubuntu , Linux Mint and other other Linux distributions based on Ubuntu, and Arch Linux user repository. The application is also available on Flahub, which makes it easy to install on almost all Linux distributions (you need Set up Flatpak and Flathub If you haven’t, please visit Go! Flathub Page to install it, or if it supports Flatpak, search for it in the software manager of the Linux distribution).
It is worth noting that at the time of writing, most packages have not been updated to the latest Go For It! Version 1.8.0.
Points for the first picture: Go! GitHub Repository page.


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