Top 10 Ways To Fix That WhatsApp does not send messages on Android and iOS

WhatsApp is the world’s most important IM platform (instant messaging) with over 2 billion users. Even after the latest data protection fiasco, the Facebook-Own company tops the popularity charts in both the App Store and the Play Store. While millions of users jump on board WhatsApp, several complain that messages are not being sent to friends and family through the app.

There can be many reasons for the strange behavior. Normally WhatsApp works as advertised, but if you encounter an error sending messages, try these troubleshooting steps.

1. Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp regularly updates its app on iOS and Android. WhatsApp The sending of messages may be due to the bad build recently installed on your device.

Open the App Store or the Google Play Store on the device. Navigate to the update section and download the latest build to the device.

2. Leave WhatsApp Beta program

If you are part of the. are WhatsApp Beta program and have an error sending a message with the build installed on the device beta Program and opt for the stable build from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Open the TestFlight app on the iPhone> WhatsApp > and select Exit beta Program from the following menu.

On Android, open the Play Store and navigate to WhatsApp. There you will see the option to exit the beta Program.

WhatsApp  leaving beta Android

3. Allow WhatsApp to use mobile data (iPhone)

With iOS, you can limit mobile data usage for certain apps through the settings menu. If the option is enabled for the WhatsApp app, you may not be able to send or receive messages.

WhatsApp  use for mobile data

Open the iPhone Settings app and scroll down to WhatsApp. In the menu that follows, press the switch next to Mobile Data to activate it.

4. Turn on background data usage

If you enable this option, you can send or receive WhatsApp Messages even when you’re not using the app. On the iPhone, open Settings and go to WhatsApp. Then turn on background refreshing on the app to allow it WhatsApp to use data in the background.

Update of the WhatsAppBackground app

Android users can rely on the WhatsApp App icon and open the app info menu. Open the Mobile data & WiFi menu and activate the Background data option.

Android background update

5. Lock WhatsApp In the background (Android)

Some third-party Android skins like MIUI, Color OS, and FunTouch OS will shut down the background apps. When you send a message and immediately close the app, then the system could force it close the app in the background and leads you to an error sending a message.

You should lock the app from your phone’s multitasking menu. The system keeps the app alive all the time.

6. Deactivate the low data mode

The data saving mode on the iPhone or Android could be a hindrance WhatsApp to function normally. If you have data saver enabled on your phone, this may prevent WhatsApp from getting the latest news.

Turn off low data mode

To deactivate the iPhone’s low data mode, open the Settings> Cellular> Cellular data options app and deactivate the low data mode from the menu below.

For Android phones, go to Settings> Network & Internet> Data saver and uncheck the option.

Data saver off

7. Disable energy saving mode

The energy saving mode is supposed to prevent apps from running in the background in order to save some battery juice. If you have this option enabled, you should disable it through the settings menu. iPhone users can go to Settings> Battery and turn off power saving mode from the menu.

Deactivate energy saving mode

Android users can navigate to Settings> Battery> Battery saver and disable the option.

8. Empty the cache

Clear cache for WhatsApp will not process any personal data; only temporary files are deleted. To clear the cache, long press the WhatsApp App icon and open the app info. Go to Storage & Cache, then clear the cache.

Clear cache Android

9. Reboot and reinstall the phone WhatsApp

Restarting the Android phone or iPhone often fixes some issues. You can restart your Android device or iPhone and see if the WhatsApp Video calls work or not. If not, back up your current ones WhatsApp Data and try reinstalling the app.

10. Check if WhatsApp Is down

It is advisable to check the down detector to see if WhatsApp has problems on servers or not. Visit the DownDetector website and search for WhatsApp. If you’ve seen huge spikes in the graph over the past 24 hours, sit back, relax, and let the company fix it.

Start using it WhatsApp Again

WhatsApp plays a major role in many people’s lives. WhatsApp Sending messages can be a real headache for you. Go through the above tricks and fix it on the go.

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