Top 5 Ways To Fix Android Hotspot Keeps Turning Off

Sharing the internet from one portable device to another is convenient and often has its problems on each device in question. Be it a Windows computer, iOS device (iPhone and iPad) or an Android smartphone; You will unexpectedly encounter an error one day while using Mobile Hotspot. We have detailed resources on how to fix mobile hotspots on multiple devices and operating systems. In this guide, we will focus on Android.

First, check to see if your device has strong cellular network strength or strong reception. The mobile hotspot can be automatically deactivated on your Android device if there is no active cellular or internet connection. Hopefully the area you are in has strong network coverage. You can also try turning off portable hotspot and turning it back on after a while. Even better, put your device in AirPlane mode for a few minutes and turn it off.

1. Restart the phone

It is common for (some functions of) Android devices to become active after too many apps / processes have been running or have been switched on for an extended period of time. Fortunately, a simple restart of the device can bring the affected functions, apps, or processes back to normal. Restart your Andriod smartphone or tablet if the mobile hotspot keeps turning off. Press and hold the power button and click Restart in the power options.

If the mobile hotspot still fails after restarting your device, move on to the next solution.

2. Change the hotspot timeout settings

Some Android phones have timeout settings to automatically turn off internet tethering when no devices are connected. So check your phone’s mobile hotspot setup for possible timeouts.

Step 1: Start Settings and choose Network & Internet.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 01

Step 2: Select “Hotspot & Tethering”.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 02

Step 3: Choose Wi-Fi hotspot.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 03

Step 4: Tap the Advanced drop-down button.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 04

Step 5: Deselect the “Automatically disable hotspot” option.

Fix a5ndroid hotspot keeps turning off 05

On some Android smartphones – Samsung devices e.g. example – You will find the option to remove the hotspot timeout with the label Never Timeout, “WiFi Hotspot Always On” or Unlimited.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 06

So if you see any of these options in your Mobile Hotspot settings, select them to turn off any time restrictions on your device’s internet tethering.

You can also configure the timeout settings to stay longer – say 30 minutes or longer.

3. Disable battery saver mode

If Mobile Hotspot keeps turning off on your Android device even though the timeout settings have been disabled (or changed), check that the power saving mode is enabled. The energy saving mode, if activated, can temporarily restrict certain apps in order to extend the battery life of your device. If your Android hotspot keeps turning off, turn off sleep mode and try again.

Step 1: Launch Settings and select Battery.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 07

Step 2: Next, select Battery Saver.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 08

Step 3: Tap the Deactivate Now button.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 09

You can also turn off power saving mode from the notifications panel on your device. Swipe down from the top of your smartphone’s screen, find the battery icon, and tap it to turn battery saver off.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 10

4. Deactivate WLAN

Mobile hotspot on Android (and pretty much other mobile operating systems) only supports cellular data / internet tethering. When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you cannot share the internet of your Android smartphone with other devices via the mobile hotspot. As a result, Android Hotspot sometimes keeps turning itself off.

If your smartphone’s Wi-Fi is always on, even when it is not connected to a network, it will automatically search for saved networks (e.g. your home or office Wi-Fi network). If it finds one, it will connect and instantly disable your mobile hotspot. The same could happen with your phone or tablet.

If you turn on your portable hotspot and it keeps going off, turn off your device’s WiFi. That should stabilize the hotspot connection. Go to Settings> Network & Internet> WiFi and turn off Use WiFi. Alternatively, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Wi-Fi icon.

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 11

Fix Android hotspot keeps turning off 12

5. Update your phone

One of the best ways to avoid such glitches is to keep your phone’s Android operating system updated. Some old Android versions have one History of breaking the mobile hotspot Functionality. So try updating your device’s operating system and hopefully that should fix the mobile hotspot turning off problem.

Enjoy an uninterrupted connection

Some file sharing apps (like Xender) and other apps that have permission to enable internet tethering can also mess with your device’s mobile hotspot. As practical as they may sound, they could be disrupting your mobile hotspot. Power-close those apps or other idle applications running in the background and try using Mobile Hotspot again. Additionally, resetting your phone’s network settings can also help fix the problem. Try all of the above solutions and let us know which one did the magic for you.

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